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Newfront Taps Greg Kaplan, CFA to Lead Award-Winning Retirement Team

Newfront, the tech-driven insurance brokerage based in San Francisco, announced that former Microsoft leader Greg Kaplan, CFA will serve as Senior Vice President over its award-winning Retirement Services team. 

Mr. Kaplan joins from Specialized Bicycle Components, an innovative bicycle manufacturer, where he was head of Strategic Finance and Operations. He brings 15 years of experience in the financial industry.

“Greg is known for blazing trails and disrupting the status quo,” said Brian Hetherington, President at Newfront. “His ability to design innovative and scalable solutions to deliver sustainable results will be an incredible asset to Newfront and our already-robust Retirement Services team.”

Mr. Kaplan spent nearly a decade on the finance team at Microsoft, where he developed deep financial market expertise managing multi-billion-dollar investment and hedging portfolios, before he joined Specialized as Treasurer. He quickly took over real estate and facilities, operations, logistics, and planning at the company.

“I’ve accomplished quite a few things on the day job I never expected, including beekeeping, building a solar farm, navigating a crisis in the Suez Canal, and auctioning an NFT,” said Mr. Kaplan, who is located in the San Francisco Bay area. “The opportunity at Newfront to build upon a category-defining company, at a place where one of the values is Focus on People, will undoubtedly be added to that list of accomplishments!”

The team’s leadership is transitioning from former Newfront Retirement Services President Chris Call, who will shift his focus to strategic consulting and talent development.

In the past few years, the Retirement Services team was recognized as a Top DC Advisor Team and also received certification from the Centre for Fiduciary Excellence (CEFEX). The certification recognizes adherence to a global standard of fiduciary best practices and the team's commitment to acting in the best interest of clients.

About Newfront

Newfront is transforming the delivery of risk management, employee experience, insurance, and retirement solutions by building the modern insurance platform. Transparent data delivered real-time translates into a lower total cost of risk and greater insights. Newfront makes insurance work for you.

Headquartered in San Francisco, Newfront has offices throughout the country and is home to more than 750 employees who serve clients across the United States and globally.

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