Engineering the Future of Insurance

We're building technology that drives efficiency, powers deeper insights, and delivers a modern experience to colleagues and clients.

Revolutionizing Insurance & Benefits

Newfront is breaking the mold by combining proprietary technology and insurance expertise to drive innovation on behalf of clients while moving the industry forward.

Innovating with AI

At Newfront, we are building AI to continuously give our colleagues lift and transform the client experience.

  • Complete automated contract reviews in seconds instead of hours or days with generative AI

  • Avoid coverage shortfalls with AI-assisted gap analysis and data-driven scenario modeling

  • Compare quotes across carriers, lines of coverage, and premiums with GPT-powered document parsing

  • Update claims data instantly with automated loss-run ingestion


Newfront’s Benji, a benefits assistant, harnesses generative AI technology to deliver instant answers to employee benefits questions, available in Slack 24/7.

SOC 2 Compliant

Best-in-Class Security

We know clients trust us with some of their most sensitive data and we take that responsibility seriously by implementing strict security standards.

  • Data privacy ensured through rigorous policy implementation and 24/7 monitoring

  • Data encryption in transit and at rest paired with penetration testing and vulnerability scanning secures our products

  • Enterprise security in place with training, advanced multi factor policy and endpoint protection

  • SOC 2 compliant

Using AI to Improve the Client Experience

Newfront is building breakthrough AI to drive client insights and free our teams to do the strategic work they were built to do.

Newfront Experts in Technology

Blending industry expertise with technology talent from top companies across the globe to propel a paradigm shift within the insurance industry.

Lin Yuan

Lin Yuan

Vice President of Engineering


Patrick Miller

Head of Data

Aaron Forth

Chief Product Officer

Director of Engineering Patrick Miller describes some of the Large Language Models and search modeling behind Newfront’s generative AI applications

Navigate Complexity

Under the Hood

Head of Data and former enterprise AI lead at Google Patrick Miller describes some of the Large Language Models (LLM) and search modeling behind Newfront’s generative AI applications.

Responsible AI

The advancements in generative AI present remarkable opportunities—but also clear risk if not deployed responsibly. Newfront has declared a set of principles we will follow for all of our AI-backed products and services.   

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Favor Human-in-the-Loop Systems

We leverage our deep insurance expertise both in building the AI systems and in delivering AI-driven insights to our clients. When we deliver AI products directly to our clients, they have been thoroughly vetted by our insurance professionals.


Ensure Security and Privacy for Client Data

We develop data products and AI solutions with an eye towards making sure our clients’ data is secure and not shared in unintended ways.

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Be Thoroughly Tested Before Deployment

We comprehensively measure performance and ensure safety of our AI systems and applications before we deploy them to production.

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Avoid Reinforcing Unfair Biases

Insurance should be accessible to all, and we strive to build data products that can work for all clients.


Incorporate Transparency and Explainability

AI doesn’t need to be a black box. We build AI solutions that can be explained and we disclose when it is being used.