Real Estate

Risk is endemic to properties. Fires, floods, slips, trips, and falls, and social inflation driving up litigation—just to name a few. Newfront understands the types of risk you face. From luxury condos to shopping centers, we build customized solutions to protect your portfolio.

Our approach

Whether you’re an owner, developer, or manager, our team acts as a proactive partner identifying exposures, streamlining coverage, and optimizing your whole portfolio’s risk-management strategy.

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Reducing risk

We conduct a thorough evaluation of your risk profile to help mitigate common exposures, vet tenant contracts, and more. With our in-house loss control team, we work to reduce your liability through proactive advocacy.

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Weather events and catastrophe

Wildfires, storms, flooding, and hurricanes imperil properties—and harden the market. Our evaluation models anticipate loss expectancies in CAT-prone geographies, helping you make informed coverage decisions.

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Valuable carrier relationships

Newfront has deep partnerships with the world’s leading insurers. These carriers specialize in real estate risk and provide risk mitigation with the industry’s most competitive programs.

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Thoughtful renewal process

We educate our clients about market fluctuations well in advance of renewals and work collaboratively to get the best results based on actual market conditions.

The Newfront difference

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Ahead of the modern risk curve

Premiums are up. Coverage is more restrictive. Accurate valuations are hard to come by. Litigation is a chronic threat. We monitor markets and craft program structures that fit your actual risk and are priced to reflect it. 

Subject matter expertise

Our dedicated team of real estate specialists partner with you to customize the most effective strategy to protect and grow your business.

  • Tenured leadership team averages 15-20 years of dedicated industry experience

  • Deep relationships with top property and casualty insurers ensure the broadest negotiated coverage, risk mitigation, and claim management services

  • In-house Risk Engineering team provides Valuation, Probable Maximum Loss (PML), and Fire and Flood analysis to ensure your portfolio of assets are adequately protected

  • Claims team provides hands-on advocacy and coverage negotiation support

Navigator for Business Insurance

Industry-Leading Technology

Newfront Navigator is our proprietary platform built to help you navigate the complexities of insurance with ease and confidence.

We created our platform as a system of action, designed to empower clients with the tools and insights needed to make data-driven decisions, streamline the overall experience, and grow with you.

  • 24/7 access to your entire insurance program including policies, losses, certificates of insurance, and billing, on any device through Newfront’s connected dashboard

  • Streamline your renewals experience with pre-populated historical data for faster submissions and approvals

  • Complete contract reviews in a matter of seconds instead of hours with generative AI

  • Predictive analytics and proprietary benchmarking enabling better carrier negotiations and informed decision making


Jonathan Naranjo

Jonathan Naranjo is Head of Real Estate at Newfront. With more than 20 years of experience, Jonathan focuses on the risk management and commercial insurance for habitational/luxury high-rise HOAs and CoOps, commercial real estate portfolios, REITs, and new developments. Jonathan is a 2023 Power Broker finalist.