For developers, project owners, and contractors of all sizes, Newfront navigates the construction terrain to arm clients with the data and risk analytics for better decision making, and greater success.

Our approach

Our discovery process starts in the design phase. We provide laser focused budgeting and risk mitigation strategies, on-site safety, contract review and insurance program design expertise. Partnering with you so projects are on time, under budget, and committed to safety.

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The tech advantage

We pair deep industry knowledge with advanced technology to streamline deliverables: we can map losses and track key indicators before they turn into costly claims.

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On-site engagement

Our loss control and safety team works on-site to create safer workplaces and drive better worker outcomes. This hands-on approach allows us to negotiate the best prices for our clients.

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Investment in expertise

We are construction experts and our knowledge about issues like loss control, claims, safety, and project risk management bring tangible value to developers’ and contractors’ bottom lines.

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Fluency in the key challenges

We know that labor shortages, supply-chain delays, inflation, natural disasters, and cyber attacks have changed the way builders function. We design our programs accordingly.

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Subject matter expertise

Our dedicated team of construction industry veterans have a rich set of skills honed across a range of projects including airports, stadiums, petrochemical, industrial, commercial, and residential construction.

  • Our team consists of former construction management executives and construction underwriters

  • Our attorneys have deep expertise in job-site performance, risk analysis, and construction litigation and claims

  • Our Loss Control team knows jurisdictions across the US with analytics to ensure you run a successful project, every time

  • Our accreditations include Certified Insurance Construction Program (CCIP), Construction Risk Insurance Specialist (CRIS), and Management Liability Insurance Specialist (MLIS)

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Industry-Leading Technology

RiskPulse enables businesses to develop optimized strategies across the insurance portfolio, marking a new era in strategic risk management. Harnessing innovative technology, RiskPulse transforms Casualty and Property data into dynamic, intelligent perspectives.

With an interactive dashboard, RiskPulse allows for quick, curated insights to deliver a targeted risk mitigation approach with tangible value. RiskPulse features customized key performance indicators, inclusive of drill-down capabilities, which enables swift risk identification and enhanced visibility into ongoing program performance.

  • TCOR reduction prioritized across the portfolio, driving improved business economics and informed decisions

  • Intuitive and interactive dashboard curated to your unique risk profile

  • Risk metrics customized to your organization across product lines

  • Quick assessment of leading cost drivers enabling proactive risk mitigation strategies

  • Improved cost transparency and portfolio-wide performance tracking

Matthew Summers


Matt Summers

Matthew Summers is the Construction Practice Leader at Newfront. Prior to joining Newfront, Matt held senior leadership roles at two of the top three brokerage firms in the world. Risk & Insurance named him a Construction Power Broker in 2021. Matt brings deep expertise across the industry focusing on the marketing, national sales, account development, and execution of construction and surety programs nationwide.