Financial Institutions & Fintech

With an unpredictable economy and dynamic regulatory landscape, financial and fintech organizations require formidable risk management programs. Newfront’s dedicated team focuses exclusively on comprehensive solutions to de-risk your business against cyber attacks, lawsuits, and more.

Our approach

Prioritize data security with a risk mitigation program designed to shield your business from crippling cyber incidents. We work with our dedicated cyber experts to navigate this growing spectrum of risk.

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Data-driven strategy

Between our partnership with TechGC and passion for the industry, we stay anchored to the latest trends, applying AI-powered data and benchmarking to develop strategic recommendations.

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Custom solutions

Newfront views each client through a fresh lens, creating bespoke, comprehensive programs to protect your assets, balance sheet, and employees. No two solutions are the same in this specialized space.

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Relationship-driven results

Our unparalleled connections and extensive network mean we can negotiate the best rates on your behalf. Newfront’s reputation serves as a beacon for industry partners.


Full-service claim management

If you need to file a claim, we handle everything from immediate actions for minimizing loss to serving as your dedicated liaison and advocate with carriers to help you address each issue the right way.

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Integrated service team

A single point of contact for your insurance needs streamlines your experience with Newfront, but behind the scenes, our team is collaborating cross-functionally to provide expert guidance.

The Newfront difference

Subject matter expertise

We have built a dedicated financial institution/fintech practice with a team of brokers who are committed to being the driving force of innovation and leadership in this sector.

  • Drawing on over 100+ years of combined experience on the team, we possess a unique ability to negotiate and deliver unparalleled results across domains of the insurance industry that have historically operated independently

  • At all insurers, there is a financial institutions/fintech sector that has dedicated underwriters & claims professionals. This sector requires the same specialization that Newfront has dedicated to this sector to be the leaders that we are in this space

Strategic risk management

Our strategic approach ensures maximum outcomes in the market while building long-lasting, mutually beneficial partnerships between insurers and our clients. Our specialties include:

  • Risk control

  • Contract management

  • Highly bespoke and customized insurance policies

  • Alternative risk financing techniques

Case Study

Securing coverage for a blockchain fintech firm

A global fintech company using blockchain for secure payments struggled to find adequate and affordable coverage. By partnering with Newfront, the client saved more than $236,000.


John McCall

John McCall is the Financial Institutions and Fintech Lead at Newfront. John advises clients on key aspects of risk management and corporate insurance programs for Newfront’s financial institutions and fintech clients, as well as executing broker negotiations and placement with underwriters. John came to Newfront from Aon, where he was a leading producer focused on insurance, health and benefits, intellectual property, and actuarial consulting. John is a 2019 and 2023 Power Broker winner.