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Saving money is critical to your mission. That’s why we conduct a comprehensive coverage and premium analysis to help you optimize your premium and reallocate dollars back into your business. At Newfront, we support your mission by protecting your business.

Our approach

Whether you work in social services, the arts, or the environment, you want your money to serve your mission. We work hard to lower your exposure and competitively market your risk to keep costs down.


Protecting your vision

Nonprofit executives and board members are held to standards of conduct as high as their for-profit peers. Our comprehensive Directors & Officers Liability coverage shields your advocates from personal lawsuits.

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Worry-free compliance

We keep clients current on changing regulatory environments—whether local or global—that can hinder your progress if you aren’t aware of them.

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Deep relationships

With a wide network of contacts at nonprofits and organizations that bestow grants, we’re open to making introductions and fostering relationships among our clients.

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Aligned with your mission

Our unique insight into nonprofits and social enterprises—over 90% of our employees directly support charity or community organizations—gives us the understanding to help you limit risk and advance your mission.

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Subject matter expertise

Running a nonprofit or social enterprise requires unique expertise. Our team of experts ensures organizations account for specific risks so time, resources, and funds go to the causes that matter most.

  • Decades of experience building relationships with social justice, educational institutions, schools, social enterprises and human services

  • Specialized contract review experts available to help manage the increasingly complicated and unique risks faced by nonprofits

  • Specialized team with proprietary data enables increased accuracy for projected budgets and costs

Ivoree King


Ivoree King

Ivoree is the Head of Nonprofit at Newfront. Ivoree has 20 years of commercial insurance experience as an insurance adviser and risk management consultant. While Ivoree has experience working with clients in the private and public business sectors, she loves working with organizations who are helping to “change the world.” Ivoree has testified before Congress and was selected to interview in front of the U.S. Department of Treasury discussing the impact of the hard insurance market on organizations who may struggle to absorb the impact.