At Newfront, we recognize the need to help our clients mitigate and transfer risks through thorough contract review. We work alongside you to help you understand the risks assumed in each agreement, how each risk fits within your risk tolerance, and how your insurance program operates to transfer risk.

Our Approach

When the devil’s in the details, you need a team with detail, deep with legal and risk mitigation expertise, and flush with efficiency-driving tools to inform a detailed contract review process.

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Experts in contract law

Our team of attorneys and risk management veterans protect clients from contract risk and exposures.

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Proven protocols and procedures

Our vetted, repeatable processes allow clients to respond to contract driven business opportunities quickly and efficiently.

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Customized playbooks

We have self-guided tools for various types of contract review that ensure no detail goes left unnoticed or unevaluated.

The Newfront Difference

Experts rooted deep in contract law, coupled with innovative technology empower our clients to efficiently identity and manage contractual risk.

Full-Service Contract Review

Contract review assistance is included within our core offering led by our client's Account Executives along with complex contract support by our in-house contract team. Our full-service reviews include:

  • Setting minimum insurance limits based on risk level of work services being performed

  • Identifying insurance requirements outside the U.S.

  • Leading due diligence calls to discuss contract issues

  • Training clients' internal stakeholders

Unmatched Efficiency Through Technology

Newfront is building AI applications to quickly read 100+ page legal documents, identify insurance requirements, compare them to current policies or internal compliance guidelines, and highlight gaps in coverage.


Sally Bracho

Sally is the Contract Specialist at Newfront. Sally brings unmatched expertise in contractual risk transfer and complex coverage issues. With extensive experience in litigated liability claims, global insurance markets, and the complexity of international business, Sally supports clients through the nuances of local cultures to make informed decisions.


Megan Evans

Megan has been a Contract Specialist at Newfront since 2020. Prior to joining Newfront, she spent 13 years litigating multi-party, complex construction litigation and several years as in-house counsel negotiating software licensing agreements. Her experience has made her adept at analyzing risk transfer issues and the nuances of insurance related contract language across a broad range of industries.