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Newfront's Commitment to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

DE&I is Embedded in Our Company Values

Focus on People: We believe in a future where a diverse and talented group of humans plus technology delivers a superior client experience. We are building technology that empowers, not replaces people. Developing and investing in colleagues makes Newfront a place where people can do the best work of their careers.

Blaze a Trail: The industry has been stuck in its ways of servicing clients and colleagues for many years, but nothing great was ever built by saying "this is the way it's always been done". Instead, we are building world-class experiences using first principles. By setting aside pre-conceived notions of what works, we can innovate on behalf of our clients.

Act Like Owners: We're building a culture of owners who take responsibility to deliver for our clients. We take pride in building a forever business together. We aren't satisfied with "good enough" and seek excellence in everything we do. Clients demand it.

Deliver Results: Insurance touches every part of modern life and clients depend on our results. We push ourselves to measure the client impact of everything we do and set ambitious goals for improvement.

Diversity Drives Innovation

At Newfront, we are building innovative technology to break down age old industry norms and crave diversity of thought, culture, and perspective. We treat each other with respect and celebrate our individual differences, and we take the time to respectfully listen to all perspectives, understanding the value each one brings. We make better decisions together.

Our clients are from a diverse set of backgrounds, and so are we. We’re dedicated to learning and embracing our unique backgrounds, experiences, and identities. We educate ourselves on diverse cultures, and develop cultural fluency, breaking down collaboration barriers and inspiring deeper innovation. The power of diverse perspectives amplifies the level of service we provide to our clients.

Diversity and Inclusion Requires Continuous Action

Newfront is committed to ongoing diversity, equity, and inclusion for our entire team. Our DE&I Council works as a steering committee to help make sure we are attracting, motivating, and retaining team members from diverse backgrounds while bringing diverse thought and leadership to our company. The council also created our DE&I Charter, including our process for establishing Employee Resource Groups (ERGs).

A Look at Newfront ERGs

An Employee Resource Group (ERG) is a group of employees who identity with others like themselves.

This may include race, gender, age, sexual orientation, working parents, functional level, disability, veterans, etc. The group comes together and actively engages and gathers around a unifying mission.

At Newfront, we have seven ERGs that provide support and community for our employees.

NewHER aims to play an active role in creating a more equitable and inclusive environment for all women at Newfront by elevating women to reach their highest potential, breaking down barriers that stand in the way.

NextGen aims to provide an inclusive space for members of all backgrounds to share their personal cultures and experiences to foster a community of togetherness.

BLACKfront aims to enhance the Black employee experience at Newfront by creating opportunities for development, advancement, leadership, and cultural awareness.

CARES aims to provide a safe space and platform for Newfront caretakers to connect, collaborate and receive communal support.

emerge aims to provide a safe workplace for our LGBTQ colleagues, family members, and allies by promoting positive work alliance, diversity in talent acquisition and vendor selection.

HOLA aims to create a space in which Latinx Newfronters and Allies can share their unique multi-cultural and bi-lingual experiences and traditions.

Amplify AAPI aims to amplify the voices of our Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) colleagues and allies by uplifting and supporting one another, sharing experiences to showcase our diverse cultures, and creating a sense of belonging that encourages inclusivity.

diversity and inclusion - Angie Lopez

Angie Lopez

HOLA Founder

DE&I to me is: Giving a voice to those that feel unheard and spotlighting their stories and achievements.

diversity and inclusion - Keith Brown

Keith Brown

BLACKfront Member

DE&I to me is: Opening the doors of opportunity to any interested and qualified person or group.

diversity and inclusion - Jake Daly

Jake Daly

emerge Co-Founder

DE&I to me is: DE&I represents safety and empowerment in the workplace; when our colleagues feel safe in the workplace, they are empowered to be stronger, more confident individuals who are enabled to take control of their own success.

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