Safeguarding your success

Bonds can free up alternative sources of cash, dramatically reduce your costs, and protect you from unwarranted draws on other financial guarantee products. Newfront's expert team will provide surety solutions to help you reach your goals.

Our approach

Coverage doesn’t look the same for everyone. Our surety professionals identify key risk areas specific to your operation and offer both insurance and non-insurance solutions.

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Financial flexibility

We work to provide alternate forms of financial security for clients, including surety bonds to replace cash retentions, performance and payment bonds to fortify their contractual obligations, and more.

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Contract analysis

We utilize AI for detailed contract reviews and project risk assessments to protect you from unwarranted Letter of Credit Drawdowns, and advise on surety bonds to keep lines of credit open.

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Keeping you compliant

Our service teams continuously monitor the market to identify shifts in your industry and keep you in compliance with local, state, and federal regulations.

The Newfront difference

Contract bonds

A robust contract surety program can be the foundation on which contractors grow their business—on their terms.

  • Increased Surety capacity with structured financials and operations

  • Durable Surety programs adapted for operational changes and shifting industry conditions

  • Secure the best terms with appropriate indemnity security and competitive rates

Commercial bonds

Newfront provides bonds and sureties to sustain business momentum, providing market confidence in your company’s compliance with contractual and regulatory requirements.

  • Better pricing and reduced bond costs through current-program analysis and recommended rate structures for cost mitigation

  • Avoid unwarranted Letter of Credit drawn downs

  • Free up cash and borrowing capacity with bonds that replace conventional lines of credit

Subject matter expertise

Every company is differentand so are their Surety obligations. Our professionals offer unparalleled experience and expertise.

  • We have access to all the major Commercial Surety markets, and can offer bond form options to suit every need

  • Our legal team ensures compliance with Local, State and Federal Regulations

  • We use data and analytics to assess your current program and provide predictive intelligence to recommend rate structures that lower your costs

  • Our network of banking partners and construction-oriented CPAs can advise on industry changes

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Industry-leading technology

We’re a tech-forward broker that leverages technology to save time and money for our clients.

  • Electronic NMLS & CLB Electronic Bond Execution and Filings

  • Instant Bond Issuance Programs

  • Electronic Bidding

  • Electronic signature and Indemnity Agreements

  • Real time bond lists and reports

  • Digital bond filing capabilities where applicable


Bryan Martin

Bryan Martin is the Surety Leader at Newfront. Over his 25+ year career in Surety, Bryan has worked as both an Underwriter and Broker, specializing in Surety and Construction Insurance.​

Prior to joining Newfront, Bryan has held senior leadership roles as Construction and Surety Practice Leaders and has managed a variety of territories, including the Canadian and Northeast Surety operations.​

Key bond types for your business

  • Contract Surety

  • Commercial Surety

  • Subdivision/Developer Bonds

  • Subcontractor Default Insurance

  • Project Loss Insurance