Venture Capital

Newfront’s dynamic Venture Capital practice has welcomed more than 160 funds in the last 20 months. Our groundbreaking practice combines deep domain expertise and carrier relationships with best-in-class technology and business operations to deliver unmatched results for our clients. 

By the numbers

From our rapidly growing venture capital client roster to our ability to rethink, remarket, and retain client business, Newfront is the brokerage model of the future.  

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Top funds trust Newfront

With innovative insurance strategies that deliver market-leading coverage and drive growth, venture funds are turning to Newfront.

Our approach

Whether microcap, growth equity, secondaries or fund of funds, Newfront’s dedicated team has the experience and expertise to deliver custom and comprehensive venture capital solutions for your fund and portfolio.

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Bespoke service

We begin with a comprehensive review of your investment thesis to understand the nuanced risk you face and craft a tailored strategy to mitigate it.

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Detail oriented

We conduct thorough audits of each of your portfolio companies' insurance programs to identify exposures at every level of every company—from cyber liability to management and beyond.

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Every size, every strategy

We don't discriminate when it comes to company size or their investment thesis. And we work comfortably across all industry verticals, including but not limited to venture capital funds focused in life science, Web3, SaaS, digital health, manufacturing, and more.

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Client centric

We understand the need of VC firms for timely and thorough responses. We move at startup speed to address DDQs, contractual issues, and transactional exposures, allowing our clients to focus on driving value for their portfolio and LPs.

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Relationship driven

Our proprietary manuscript endorsement is a reflection of the established working relationships we have with leading insurance carriers in the VC space. 

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Comprehensive coverage

Venture Capital Asset Protection

Newfront’s Venture Capital Asset Protection (VCAP) policy is designed to safeguard venture capital funds, their partners, and portfolio companies from a range of risks and liabilities with a single comprehensive insurance solution: 

  • Management Liability: Protects general partners, directors, and officers, as well as the fund, management, and related entities

  • Professional Liability: Guards against claims arising from a failure to provide professional services

  • Outside Directorship Liability: Protects persons serving with a portfolio company on behalf of the fund

  • Employment Practices Liability: Guards against claims arising from wrong employment practices

  • Fiduciary Liability: Protects against claims arising from an employee welfare or benefits plan

Customized coverage

Manuscript Coverage Endorsement

Newfront maintains a custom Manuscript Coverage Endorsement with a collection of the most reputable carriers in the business, helping streamline policy creation while accounting for specialized risk in your fund not addressed in standard policy:

  • Coverages: Adds coverage or adjusts limits to existing coverages to address your portfolio risk profile

  • Conditions: Alters the terms and conditions by which claims can be triggererd

  • Exclusions: Changes or removes coverage exclusions to better manage fund risk

  • Definitions: Amends or clarifies key terms of the policy to better reflect fund profile


Adam Johnson

With 15 years of experience in the industry, Adam Johnson is the Venture Capital Practice Leader at Newfront. Adam has established himself as a visionary leader dedicated to reshaping the way venture capital firms approach insurance. His deep understanding of the risks and challenges faced by high-growth companies has allowed him to develop comprehensive insurance strategies that mitigate risk and support the growth and success of these enterprises.



Sasha Specht

Sasha Specht is the Service Team Lead for Newfront’s Venture Capital Practice. Specht has spent a decade working in commercial P&C and executive benefit spaces, all while focusing on venture capital and asset management firms. He oversees Newfront’s manuscript Venture Capital Asset Protector (VCAP) and General Partnership Liability (GPL) policy forms specializing in alternative asset risk placement.