Newfrontiers is the premier point-solution program in the Total Rewards space, offering curated collection of vendors across a range of categories such as mental and emotional wellbeing, financial and physical wellbeing, family forward solutions, and much more.

Our Partners

Our Approach

Newfrontiers is designed to enrich, enhance, and elevate your benefits program, driving employee engagement, satisfaction, and serving as a powerful recruitment tool.

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Beyond the Core

Core benefits are the foundation of your program, but modern total rewards solutions go beyond and offer supplemental benefits to create a best-in-class employee experience.

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Partnerships That Make a Difference

To elevate and optimize your benefits program, you need more than a menu of vendors, you need vetted partnerships that elevate your program and enrich the lives of those who use it.

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Vendor Neutral

Newfront is vendor agnostic, which means our first priority is the needs and preferences of our client. We work to find the right solution for your unique needs–and will work with any vendor to make it happen. 

Expert guidance

Certainty in Uncertain Times

  • Focused on your profitability, Newfrontiers vendors are not just best-in-class but offer pricing discounts and terms to help you manage expenses.

  • As strategic experts, we cut through the complexity of the point-solutions marketplace, identifying and surfacing the best category partners for you.

  • We negotiate vendor terms on your behalf, working to attain the best solution at the best price.

Due diligence

Partnership Built on Trust

  • We create bespoke point-solutions programs for each client based on their corporate objectives, employee demographics, recruitment landscape, and other key inputs.

  • We combine partnership data with your benchmarking insights to craft a program that exceeds the competitive offerings and wins the recruitment race.

  • Our preferred solutions are best-in-category and vetted against client needs.

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Built for growth

A Solution that Scales

  • Newfrontiers is a flexible platform, designed to let clients add new programs with ease as their company expands.

  • We leverage exclusive pricing and terms to help predict cost over time, helping clients forecast expenses and more intelligently manage their budgets–today and tomorrow.

  • We simplify vendor management processes to ensure greater vendor transparency and accountability.

By the Numbers

Despite market uncertainty, a majority of employers expect to increase spending in several core benefit categories:

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employers will invest more in mental health

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of employers will invest more in mindfulness and meditation

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percent of employers will invest more in financial wellness