Digital Assets & Blockchain

Digital Assets incorporate a range of projects and protocols from Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, and smart contracts, to NFTs, DAOs, the metaverse and more. Newfront can articulate the risk characteristics between each industry class and guide you through this promising but volatile arena.

Our approach

From cyber threats to service disruptions and shifting regulatory regimes, Newfront can help de-risk your blockchain venture so you can move forward knowing your technology, data, and customers are protected.

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Insightful risk management

Once we have a complete profile of your objectives, risk exposures, and risk tolerances, we work as an extension of your team to create a strategy that keeps your assets, balance sheet, and employees safe.

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Intersecting expertise

Newfront understands how digital asset and blockchain risk evaluation often intersect with traditional finance, fin-tech, the energy grid, intellectual property, and other industries.


Regulatory insight

Our digital asset team has a clear grasp of an increasingly complicated regulatory landscape with multi-jurisdictional footprints.


Full-service claim management

If you need to file a claim, we handle everything from immediate actions for minimizing loss to serving as your dedicated liaison and advocate with carriers to help you address each issue the right way.

The Newfront difference

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Subject matter expertise

Digital assets incorporate a wide range of projects and protocols. Newfront’s dedicated team understands the nuanced risk of each.

  • Digital asset experts are well versed in the valuation of your assets, whether that is ASICs from a property perspective or NFTs from an intellectual property perspective and everything in between

  • Deep expertise and experience in cybersecurity policies covering the theft of digital assets including custodial and counterparty risk considerations

  • Whether you are directly mining, issuing tokens for a protocol, operating a DAO or running a “crypto-adjacent” SaaS company, we can help you navigate the differing risk and regulatory environment for your company

  • Deep industry connections with specialty underwriters in the US, London & Bermuda who have the industry knowledge and perspective to appropriately address your risk

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Emerging risk

Dealing in digital assets and blockchain markets requires specialized knowledge. Novel risks emerge at the pace of innovation. Does your current broker understand the differences between:

  • Blockchain + Crypto

  • Proof of work vs. proof of stake

  • Immersion vs. air cooling

  • Slashing in staking risks

  • Custodial and counter-party risk in exchanges, protocols, and self-custody

  • Decentralized governance issues with DAOs and protocol foundations

  • Execution risks for smart contracts

Case Study

Securing the blockchain

A global fintech company using blockchain for secure payments struggled to find adequate and affordable coverage. By partnering with Newfront, the client saved more than $236,000.

Erik Stenson, blockchain and crypto insurance leader at Newfront


Erik Stenson

Erik Stenson brings over 25 years of experience at insurance companies and startups. Erik specializes in working with high-growth companies, frame-breaking business models, venture-capital-backed and pre-IPO entities, software-as-a-service companies, shared economy models, and cryptocurrency-based companies.​ Erik is a 2023 Risk & Insurance Power Broker winner.


Garrett Johnston

Garrett Johnston is the Sharing Economy Leader at Newfront. Garrett brings more than two decades of industry experience, specializing in helping clients meet emerging risks new in the product and the digital space. Garrett is located in Atlanta and serves clients across the country.