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May 15 • 2024

Saving $1M for an E-Commerce Company by Transitioning to Self-Funding 

A publicly-held Newfront client faced a staggering 35% increase in medical plan costs. The Newfront team encouraged the client to explore alternative funding strategies to reduce future healthcare costs.

April 23 • 2024

Newfront's 2024 Hackathon: Transformation through Client-First, AI-Forward Solutions

Last week, Newfront's world-class tech team gathered in San Mateo, CA for the company's annual Hackathon. An outsider might ask - "A Hackathon - at an insurance company?" The annual event is just one way Newfront is different from its competitors.

April 12 • 2024

Casualty 2024 Outlook: Emerging Risks and Ongoing Coverage Concerns

Newfront's Lauren Pratscher and Frannie Epps explore the ongoing topics that persist alongside the top emerging risks, shedding light on key challenges and opportunities for insureds in 2024.