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May 28 • 2024

Countering Soaring Healthcare Costs through Reference Based Pricing

A construction company found itself grappling with an imposing 18% health insurance renewal. Newfront recommended a strategic move by transitioning the company from a conventional BUCA health insurance plan to a more innovative RBP model.

May 15 • 2024

Saving $1M for an E-Commerce Company by Transitioning to Self-Funding 

A publicly-held Newfront client faced a staggering 35% increase in medical plan costs. The Newfront team encouraged the client to explore alternative funding strategies to reduce future healthcare costs.

April 23 • 2024

Newfront's 2024 Hackathon: Transformation through Client-First, AI-Forward Solutions

Last week, Newfront's world-class tech team gathered in San Mateo, CA for the company's annual Hackathon. An outsider might ask - "A Hackathon - at an insurance company?" The annual event is just one way Newfront is different from its competitors.