Food & Beverage

From transit, storage, and distribution, we identify issues that matter to your business, whether you’re a small family farm or large grocery or restaurant chain. We’ll create a comprehensive risk management plan and benefits program to keep you on track throughout your entire supply chain.

Our approach

We work to mitigate risks related to climate, supply chains, food safety, and contamination. We ensure you have a comprehensive plan while keeping compliance and cost containment top of mind.

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Proactive analysis

We help you anticipate and address trends that present new risks to your business—from distributors who need to maintain a safe and prepared fleet to retailers who must ensure a verified workforce.

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Cost-effective plans

One of the biggest costs in the food industry is workers’ compensation. We provide innovative solutions that identify improvements and reduce costs while keeping employees safe.

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Worry-free compliance

With the Food Safety Manufacturers Act (FSMA) in effect, we help you stay in compliance by keeping you up to date on laws and regulations, and providing guidance on safety enhancements.


Full-service claim management

We work with you to navigate the claims process, guiding you through immediate actions for minimizing loss to serving as your dedicated liaison and advocate with carriers.

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Subject matter expertise

  • Our dynamic and adaptive approach is designed to tackle the wide range of issues facing the industry

  • Newfront’s proprietary technology allows food and beverage companies to anticipate and understand the risks they encounter and develop comprehensive plans to minimize them

  • We go above and beyond industry standards, providing innovative risk financing options and incorporating the best risk management practices tailored to your needs

Cole Wagner


Cole Wagner

Cole Wagner is the Food & Beverage Leader at Newfront. Cole brings more than 20 years of experience in building high-performing teams and developing successful marketplace strategies.