Sharing Economy

Driven by the success of app-based transportation, e-commerce, and lending platforms, the market for peer-to-peer sharing of goods and services will continue to expand. We can help you expand with it—and protect your assets as you do.

Our approach

The sharing economy has created new opportunities, but also new risks. We build proactive risk management plans that include state-of-the-art AI models and data dashboards to address new threats, contain costs, and drive value for your business.

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Insightful risk management

We address your risks by understanding your options for reducing, avoiding, or transferring risk through loss control, contract management, insurance, and alternative risk financing techniques.

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Custom strategy

Once we have a complete profile of your objectives, risk tolerance, risks, and exposures, we craft a custom strategy that can include client-specific software/data solutions to help manage your risk and manage at scale.

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Deep relationships

With a strategy in place, we use our industry expertise and established relationships—both local and global—to negotiate innovative solutions that safeguard your business and keep your employees healthy.

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Subject matter expertise

The sharing economy faces a volatile market of both risk and regulation, and requires specialized expertise. Newfront’s dedicated team combines experience and knowledge to deliver bespoke client solutions.

  • Our team has deep casualty expertise within the sharing economy and knows that 80% of sharing economy insurance money is spent on casualty risk

  • Newfront’s dedicated team has an intricate grasp of the complexities of national and global expansion and risk strategies such as captives

  • Our data engineers help sharing economy clients harness their business data, driving better leverage with carriers and regulatory constituents

  • Our sharing economy specialists know how to align coverage with required operating permits including municipal licenses and permits for home-sharing, food delivery, and transportation


Garrett Johnston

Garrett Johnston is the Sharing Economy Leader at Newfront. Garrett brings more than two decades of industry experience, specializing in helping clients meet emerging risks new in the product and the digital space. Garrett is located in Atlanta and serves clients across the country.