Taking the road less traveled is rarely a safe venture, but Newfront’s pioneering approach anticipates risks and builds comprehensive coverage to protect against the things you can’t predict.

Our approach

Whether you’re in an early funding phase or are navigating an IPO, we can provide critical guidance on market trends, the latest cost benchmarks, and evolving coverage requirements.

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Cyber liability

The technology space is a natural target for cyber threats. We work closely with our cyber risk team to craft programs around data privacy, regulatory compliance, and adequate coverage limits.

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Climate events 

Catastrophic events are on the rise. We’ll work with you to fully analyze your infrastructure and geographical risk factors to develop a protection plan to keep your assets and employees safe.

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Executive risk 

In the D&O space, claims have risen and settlements have grown. We work with our ERS colleagues to evaluate management liability at a national and global level, and craft policies to fit your risk.

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Process-driven approach

We conduct comprehensive onboarding and renewal reviews and schedule ongoing touch points during the year. We remarket when it makes sense and leverage strong carrier relationships to guide policy design.

The Newfront difference

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Fully engaged

We stay connected with clients. We train staff on policy management and provide general counsel with contract playbooks. We conduct holistic reviews across lines, looking for cost and coverage opportunities.

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Subject matter expertise

Our tech-focused team of experts provide trusted advice, creative and cost-effective risk transfer solutions, and unparalleled service on behalf of our clients.

  • 400 employees dedicated to support Technology clients

  • Expertise in navigating the best terms, condition, and program structure through the IPO process and beyond

  • Curated program design to maximize coverage for companies with complex supply chains

  • Expert creation of bespoke solutions for the complicated, nuanced, and evolving technology industry

Newfront leadership

Rod Sockolov

President of Business Insurance & Private Client Services

Tom Whitenight

Regional Managing Director, West

Eric Long

Executive Vice President, Risk Management, Newfront