Retail/ Wholesale

Modern retailers must be fluent in e-commerce, cyber security, supply chains, employee onboarding, and so much more. Newfront understands the challenging new terrain and can help you secure best-in-class coverage from the factory to the customer’s front door.

Our approach

Retailers, wholesalers, and restaurateurs need insurance designed to match their risk. From cargo accidents on sea freight to a customer injury in your place of business, Newfront has coverage to match.

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In-house claims, loss control and safety teams

The Newfront difference includes an in-house Loss, Control, and Safety team to help minimize risk, and an in-house Claims team to advocate for you and secure the best outcomes.

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A bullpen of experts

From leading cyber and network security experts to top workers comp and liability technicians, our teams formulate strategies based on experience and insights to produce the best possible outcomes for clients.

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Relationship-oriented service

Whether it be claim reviews, safety and loss control support, or mid-year strategy discussions, we monitor your business year-round to help you plan for the future.

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Built for the changing marketplace

Retailers face diverse risks in today’s economy: supply chain disruptions, employee turnover, cyber risk, and more. Our predictive analytics let us see what’s coming, so your business is never blindsided.

The Newfront difference

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Securing the supply chain

Our expertise spans the spectrum of retail risk. We carefully evaluate your product inventories and craft custom programs to address risk in transit, storage, business interruptions, and data security.

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Subject matter expertise

From employee turnover, to increasing costs, whatever your specific challenges, our relationship first approach ensures we focus on what is important to you.

  • Tailored insurance solutions to fit your unique risk profile

  • Creative strategies and out-of-the-box ideas to reduce your Total Cost of Risk

  • In-house industry, coverage, and claims expertise in the Retail/Wholesale industries

  • Peer benchmarking data for deeper insights into decision making


Michelle Landver

Michelle Landver is the Retail/Wholesale Leader at Newfront. With more than a decade of experience in the industry, Michelle focuses on middle-market companies with consumer-branded products in the apparel, beauty/cosmetics, furniture, food and beverage industries, plus retail and restaurant operators. Landver handles all aspects of coverage needs for her commercial clients, including workers compensation, property, stock throughput, liability, cyber insurance, and D&O insurance.