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Healthcare innovators need protection from risks like financial injury, professional, product and cyber liability, and more. Newfront’s dedicated Digital Health & Telemedicine team designs programs informed by a clear understanding of emerging risks in modern digital health.

Our approach

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Compliance + customer protection

A rise in data breaches has put consumer data at risk. The first step toward security is compliance with regulatory standards. Newfront can help you meet requirements—and prioritize patient privacy. 

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Strategies for the journey

Whether you are a start-up or market leader, our Digital Health & Telemedicine team can craft a program specifically designed for your corporate risk profile, whatever stage of growth you’re in.

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Cyber liability expertise

From phishing attacks to ransomware, we work with our cyber risk professionals to understand cyber liability, regulatory issues, coverage benchmarks, market trends, and regulatory change. 

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Vertically-dedicated team

Only a dedicated team will grasp the scope of risk involved, whether bodily injury, professional liability, compliance, or novel challenges with wearables and device-based data capture.


A tech-forward take

Our proprietary platform lets you manage your plans with ease. With just a few clicks, you can view your policies, request changes, find certificates, submit claims, and pay invoices. 

The Newfront difference

Step-by-step claims guidance

Newfront provides custom playbooks that will guide you in understanding your contract or the details of a claims process. You’ll know exactly what to do and who to contact.

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Industry-leading technology

Newfront uses structured data models to understand every detail of your program, and streamlines processes through our connected platforms.

  • 24/7 access to your entire insurance program on any device through Newfront’s connected dashboard

  • Download and upload policy documents, disclosures, auto ID cards and other sensitive files quickly and securely

  • Streamlined completion of renewal applications and information with access to out online portal


Cristina Varner

Cristina Varner is the Digital Health & Telemedicine Leader at Newfront. Cristina oversees a team of insurance experts who support the risk management needs of biotech, medical device, pharmaceutical, diagnostic, digital health, and telemedicine companies from early stage onwards. Cristina specializes in product liability, medical malpractice/professional liability, and clinical trials insurance. Cristina has developed & launched proprietary technology platforms for clinical trials, reducing administrative friction for companies and protecting key liabilities. Additionally, Cristina has crafted proprietary insurance product liability policy language to provide coverage not typically available to emerging science organizations.