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Insurance Brokerage Newfront Launches New Brand with Cross-Office Celebrations, Playful Memes

San Francisco – July 26, 2023Newfront, the tech-driven insurance brokerage firm based in San Francisco, introduced an elevated visual identity and digital presence last week, celebrating with internal launch parties and humorous memes on social media.

Newfront’s vision of de-risking human progress through its empowered experts is highlighted in the new approach, along with updated messaging on the company’s differentiators and a refined visual ID, including distinct photography, custom iconography, new brand colors and fonts, and texture.

A collage featuring elements of the new brand.

“Technology and impactful innovation is a fundamental part of Newfront’s differentiation, which we expressed with textural elements throughout the brand system,” said Newfront Chief Marketing Officer Bethany Hale, who shared more about the brand in a blog post. “The texture represents the foundation we have laid through technology, but it’s also a guiding path to light the way for business leaders as they navigate new frontiers.” 

Taking a page from a consumer marketing playbook and riding the wave of engagement similar to how the recent Barbie movie was promoted through a selfie-generator, Newfront employees created and shared more than 1,000 memes through internal company channels and across LinkedIn. Newfront team members also received access to a company store featuring items from vendors that prioritize sustainability and social good, and hundreds gathered virtually and in-person at 11 offices country-wide from San Francisco to New York to learn about and celebrate the new branding.

“While insurance and risk management are serious topics primarily focused at a business executive audience, our brand launch provided light-hearted ways to recognize and promote our new expression while giving our colleagues a chance to better understand and embody the brand pillars,” Hale added. “We have a really strong culture built around diversity and inclusion at Newfront. We liked the idea of giving people a chance to be creative and promote our brand in their own unique way—while having some fun.” 

The memes’ playful statements featured amusing takes on insurance language, such as “De-risky business” and “Don’t quote me on this,” among others. Follow the #deriskinghumanprogress hashtag on LinkedIn to see the full collection.

About Newfront

Newfront is a modern brokerage transforming the risk management, business insurance, total rewards, and retirement services space through the combination of elite expertise and cutting-edge technology. Specializing in more than 20 industries and headquartered in San Francisco, Newfront has offices nationwide and is home to more than 800 employees serving organizations across the United State and globally. For more information, visit and follow us on LinkedIn.


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