Navigating new frontiers: Introducing Newfront’s new brand and digital presence

Transforming an archaic industry like insurance means casting a bold vision—and staking out a clear path forward. Newfront is doing just that with its customer-centric, technology-enabled, DEI-forward approach to the business. With last week’s launch of the company’s new brand and digital presence, we are bringing the transformative nature of our work to our brand identity. Our updated visual ID and client-focused narrative articulates our vision to de-risk human progress, highlights the ethos and core values that underpin our team culture, and spotlights the differentiated value we bring to the market. 

Empowered expertise: tech meets talent
We believe technology should enhance human expertise, not replace it. Newfront was founded and subsequently scaled to prove the premise that advanced technology and predictive analytics, when paired with deep knowledge of the industry’s top insurance, benefits, and risk management experts, would be a significant breakthrough for insurance and benefits seekers. By providing insights needed to understand the market, better predict risks, and negotiate the best fit programs for our clients, we reduce total cost of risk and improve the employee experience for thousands of organizations and individuals across the country. 

Impactful innovation: charting a new course
At Newfront, innovation isn’t noteworthy unless it creates meaningful impact. While artificial intelligence (AI) is today’s catchphrase, we believe it is the most compelling innovation in a generation—one that will drive unprecedented efficiency in an arduous, confusing, and traditionally paper-based industry like insurance. With our structured data platform, we have been building toward this moment for years. Now we are investing heavily in AI-powered solutions including Newfront’s AI benefits assistant, which can save human resources teams up to four weeks of work per year by answering employees’ questions about their total rewards programs. Beyond that, we are refining a suite of novel AI tools, including contract review and quote comparison solutions, that will deliver significant time savings and data-driven insights to clients.

Galvanized for growth: built to scale
Our collaborative, client-centric approach stems from Newfront’s deeply ingrained growth mindset. Internally, we prioritize building a team of colleagues who bring diverse backgrounds and perspectives to an antiquated industry. These fresh and many times under-represented viewpoints help us think beyond the status quo and ensure that we show up differently for our clients. 

Our service model is also focused on growth-–for our clients. We have the ability to work with our clients for the long-term because we are set up to scale with them. Whether you are a high growth start-up advancing toward funding rounds or an IPO, a local business scaling nationally or globally, or simply an organization focused on driving profit in dramatically evolving market conditions, we have been there and we know how to bring value. Indeed, we have a track record of success with long-term partnerships through growth, exhibited by our 99% client retention rate. 

Updated visuals reflecting a refined narrative
Beyond messaging and experiential updates, we've also refined our visual ID to reflect this market position. The brand update extends across photography, custom iconography, colors, fonts, and language; however, there are a few notable elements worth highlighting: 

  • Newfront’s daring vision: we capitalized a custom wordmark to reflect the boldness of our vision to de-risk human progress. We also elevated the iconic Newfront crimson to a brighter shade we call “punch,” ensuring ADA accessibility and denoting the fresh take we have on the industry. 

  • Work, love, play: we retained a strong nod to our corporate ethos with our “triple infinity” favicon, which we will pair with mentions of the ethos and use in certain instances to replace the wordmark at small scale. When we launched the brand, we leaned into our ethos through a custom meme machine that Newfront colleagues could use to express themselves through the new brand in a playful way and share the changes with their social networks. 

  • Values expression: our core values are interwoven throughout our new brand system. For example, our photography exemplifies our focus on people, using strategically-placed viewfinder frames to call out “moments of clarity” for business leaders and individuals working with Newfront.

  • Innovation at our core: technology and impactful innovation is a fundamental part of Newfront’s differentiation, which we expressed with textural elements throughout the brand system. This texture represents the foundation we have laid through technology but is also a guiding path to light the way for business leaders as they navigate new frontiers. 

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The Author
Bethany Hale

Chief Marketing Officer

Bethany Hale is the Chief Marketing Officer at Newfront, dedicated to creating a world-class brand to support and align with Newfront’s vision. 

A creative storyteller and brand-builder, Bethany has more than 20 years building and coaching full stack marketing teams to exceed targets. Prior to Newfront, Bethany served as Chief Marketing Officer for health-tech platform Cedar, leading the company through several funding rounds and an acquisition, while driving annual recurring revenue growth of more than eight times over approximately four years. She has worked with notable brands including IBM, American Express, Samsung Electronics, Hertz, and Microsoft.

Bethany earned her BA in Journalism from Michigan State and MBA from Columbia.

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