Playing to My Team's Strengths with WISTA

Earlier this month, the ladies of Newfront’s Seattle Maritime Team were honored to host lunch for a Lunch and Learn organized by the Seattle Chapter of WISTA (Women in Shipping and Trading Association). The event space was hosted by the Holland America Group.


Pictured: Jenn Rabena, Tosca Pinder, Denise Couples, Mary Mark

While WISTA Lunch and Learns tend to focus on the maritime industry, over the last year, we have had some really amazing speakers from a variety of backgrounds. August’s featured speaker was CEO & General Manager of the reigning WNBA Champions Seattle Storm, Alisha Valavanis.  Her conversational approach allowed for authentic discussion on topics that are impacting women across different industries. She used clever and relevant sports analogies around how to create a winning team and develop company culture. Attendees left with a better understanding of traits of effective leaders, empowering others to lead, and creating space for positive impact.

One thing Alisha mentioned really stuck with me, in fact, it stuck with me enough that I returned to the office and shared it with my team. It went something along the lines of, “There will be people on your team that have the skillset and are too shy or quiet to ask for the ball. Leadership is about getting them the ball.”

As I shared this with my team, we started to discuss it and spoke at length about how our own culture at Newfront supports this idea. At Newfront we believe that together is the only way forward as a company, as an industry, and most importantly, as an advocate for our clients. We play to each other’s strengths, working as a team across the firm to bring innovative product solutions and services tailored precisely to the need of every client’s business operations, organization and phase of growth.

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