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Introducing Newfrontiers: An Industry-Changing Total Rewards Program

Amid the ever-evolving employee benefits landscape, employers often find themselves navigating a labyrinth of vendors trying to identify the best solutions for their company’s Total Rewards needs. The selection process can be confusing at best, frustrating and time consuming at worst. To address these challenges, Newfront has introduced a game-changing product for vendor management: Newfrontiers, a premier point-solution program in the Total Rewards space. “Instead of HR teams painstakingly sourcing and vetting individual vendors, through Newfrontiers, we've done the hard work for you,” said Newfront Vice President and Wellbeing Practice Lead Robyn Cross. “Plus, we’ve locked in the best pricing available to provide our clients with cost-savings that make a difference in their overall spend. Newfrontiers isn’t a cookie-cutter solution but, rather, a bespoke program tailored specifically to the organization’s needs.”

Navigate Total Rewards with ease

Today, employers are expected to offer far more than just core medical and dental benefits. Nearly half of respondents said in a recent Gallup poll that they experience “a lot of stress” at work—underscoring the need for a robust benefits package with mental health offerings and other options. A 2023 Calm Business study indicated that 67% of respondents felt “employers should help their employees take care of their stress and anxiousness,” and proactive investments in preventative total rewards solutions result in savings for employers. 

With Newfrontiers, we captured a curated collection of point-solutions vendors, all chosen to address key aspects of holistic employee support. These vendors fall into the following categories: emotional wellbeing, financial wellbeing, physical wellbeing, family-forward services, people team support, and community and social wellbeing (which might include pet insurance, life insurance, identity protection, and more). Newfront has preferred arrangements with more than 20 best-in-class vendor partners; plus you can view 100 other vendors whose services Newfront has thoroughly reviewed. “Our clients don’t have to spend the bulk of their time and resources going through the vetting process year over year,” Cross said. “It's also giving our clients an opportunity to benefit from the relationships that we have as a broker partner.”

Clients can access Newfrontiers through Newfront Navigator, the centralized platform for total rewards.

Unlock the benefits of Newfrontiers

The secret to Newfrontiers lies in its simplicity and convenience. Not only has the Newfront team identified the top vendors in each category, but we’ve already negotiated favorable pricing and terms, bundling them into cohesive programs. “Newfrontiers is our way to give clients access to special partnerships with the best pricing, the best service, and the best solutions,” Cross said. “One-size-fits-all approaches don’t work in the Total Rewards realm. That’s why we base our recommendations on each company's unique attributes.” 

Newfrontiers can help you build a vendor infrastructure that can scale—because, as your company grows, your employee benefits and rewards program should adapt seamlessly. Newfrontiers offers the flexibility to implement new programs at any time. 

Our exclusive pricing and terms also allow you to predict costs accurately, facilitating effective benefits budget management today and in the future. The process is transparent and simple. We believe that a streamlined approach to vendor management will minimize administrative burdens and allow your team to focus on the tasks that matter most.

Newfrontiers is free for Newfront Total Rewards clients, and the program won’t add a layer of complexity to your expenses. Instead, each vendor within the program charges a separate fee, typically per employee per month (PEPM). And remember: Newfrontiers ensures that you receive preferred rates, optimizing the value you get from each solution.

A groundbreaking solution for streamlining and enhancing Total Rewards

By providing a curated selection of top-tier vendors, Newfront eliminates the hassle of vendor vetting while delivering significant cost savings. With a focus on your company's growth, employee experience, and financial wellbeing, Newfrontiers is redefining the future of Total Rewards. “This solution reflects Newfront’s values around using technology to enable human progress,” Cross said.

The complexities of Total Rewards shouldn’t hold your company back—leverage Newfront's expertise and Newfrontiers to navigate the path to success. Reach out today to learn more.

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