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Blog Post: Newfront Navigator Streamlines Workflows for Total Rewards Professionals

By all accounts, managing a total rewards program is an enormous undertaking. With work being managed across numerous platforms, new vendors to consider adding to the benefits menu, constantly evolving compliance issues, and evolving data privacy concerns, employee benefits is a dynamic space. It can also be difficult and time consuming to manage, with data stored in multiple systems and concerns over data security.

To address these issues, Newfront has introduced Newfront Navigator, a proprietary total rewards dashboard for total rewards and human resources teams. Centralized, intuitive, and secure, the new dashboard is designed to consolidate documentation, streamline vendor research and management, and provide a secure platform for communications. The easy-to-use platform lets users streamline day-to-day operations and allocate resources more efficiently. 

“With Newfront Navigator, we are giving clients a proactive way to manage their plans in one place,” said Newfront Senior Product Manager Payal Agrawal. With a few clicks, clients can log onto the dashboard via their web browser, quickly view and manage their employee benefits, and find curated point-solution vendors and compliance information. 

“For clients, Newfront Navigator will help improve their efficiency,” Agrawal said. “People teams will have the important data at their fingertips without having to search for it in several different systems or send encrypted emails to multiple people to get answers. The dashboard also streamlines work for Newfront’s servicing team, freeing up their time to help clients with the complex issues that matter most.”

Here’s what can you expect to see from this new, improved employee benefits experience:

At-a-glance information

The great advantage of Newfront Navigator is consolidation. The dashboard home page, which loads on login, shows you a clear snapshot of overall spend broken down by core benefits and percentage of payment. It also highlights your servicing team contacts. Carrier contacts can be viewed or downloaded as well. Likewise, HR managers can easily add and manage team members and dashboard access from the home page. Lastly, a Newfront news feed keeps clients informed on the latest updates and opportunities. 

View your plans at a glance

Managing current vendors and benefits has never been easier. The “Your Benefits” page shows the client’s core benefits offerings, including medical, dental, vision, life, and disability. Giving them the ability to search and filter streamlines the flow of finding critical plan information and documents.

Advanced vendor search

“In today's world, there are so many vendors that provide benefits, and it is a challenge for HR leaders to choose,” Agrawal said. The vendor search functionality allows users to filter through vendors based on their benefit needs and employee count. Newfront’s preferred vendors are indicated to further inform and accelerate the decision process.

Secure communications

Clients also gain access to a secure and streamlined communications platform, reducing the need for email across multiple platforms with varying levels of security. Our SOC 2, Type 2 certified system secures sensitive documents with end-to-end security protocols to keep your data safe whether in transit or storage. 

Compliance and servicing resources

Clients with more than 50 employees will have access to Newfront Navigator. Agrawal said that Newfront’s servicing team handles more than 1,000 compliance questions per month. With the new dashboard, more power and knowledge is placed in the clients’ hands, enabling them to find quick answers without the wait. The compliance resource section includes links to Newfront’s compliance-related events, as well as links to posts about top compliance issues. The page also has contact information for the servicing team—because, no matter how robust our technology and resources may be, there will always be a team member available if clients need assistance.

File management made easy

With Newfront Navigator’s new centralized file management system, clients can upload documents, add file notes, manage document access, and sort materials into folders or categories. When clients upload files, the service team gets a notification to let them know files have arrived via that secure portal. HR leaders can upload sensitive data, such as census information, and then securely manage who has access to it. What’s more, clients can easily download documents from their current plans, and can even download files in bulk. 

The new dashboard is a major advance in Newfront’s effort to transform the employee benefits experience for clients. Agrawal said the team is already coming up with new features to add, and they’ll continue to innovate the dashboard as they incorporate client feedback. “It’s a brand new product, but we have a vision to make it a one-stop shop,” she said. “Ultimately, we want to make it easier for clients to manage their benefits programs, save them time, and do it securely and efficiently.” 

Learn more about the Newfront Navigator. Already a total rewards client? Reach out to start the onboarding process.  Want to make the switch to Newfront to take advantage of our tech offerings and team of employee benefits experts? Contact us today. 

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