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International Benefit Plans Now Available in Newfront Navigator

In today’s world, it’s not uncommon for clients to have a globally dispersed workforce, not to mention transactions that cross borders with regularity. As the complexity of managing international employees grows, Newfront has expanded its Newfront Navigator total rewards dashboard to help. 

The challenges of managing a globally dispersed workforce are obvious—and the list is long. Dealing with local laws and nuanced compliance requirements can be a major headache. But it’s not just compliance. Renewals happen at different dates and times throughout the year, requiring your team to handle plan enrollment on a rolling basis. Throw in having to deal with different brokers in each country, and attempting to measure program success across distinct benchmarks from country to country. It’s more than any one team can reasonably handle. 

Enter Newfront Navigator, our proprietary total rewards dashboard for People Ops teams and HR departments. Newfront Navigator is designed to streamline workflows, saving time and resources as people teams securely manage complex employee benefit programs. Few programs are more complicated than those that span the globe. Now, Newfront clients can access a single, consolidated view of all their international plans. That means seeing everything from renewal schedules, local broker contacts, total employee counts, to other key inputs, in a single location. 

The benefits of the international plan view are as large as the plans they aggregate: 

  • Consolidated channels. Email threads, paper trails, unrecorded calls. The silos of plan information are hard to manage. Newfront Navigator now brings all of your international plans, contacts, and more, together in one place, reducing the need for multiple reference points to find key information.

  • Flexible views. From a high-level holistic overview of your consolidated plan metrics to country-by-country breakdowns of each plan, Newfront Navigator gives you the viewpoint you need. 

  • Efficient workflows. By unifying your international plans and data, Newfront Navigator improves the efficiency of your team. Fewer emails needed, less manual organization of documents, and a common resource accessible by the whole team, with every key contact listed for fast outreach. 

Your team will save time, work better together, and have a much clearer understanding of your international plans. It’s a win-win for employers and employees alike. Newfront clients have immediate access to the international plan view. Whether you are a current client or not, we’re ready to walk you through the benefits of the international plan view. Schedule a demo today. 

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