Introducing Newfront Navigator

Centralized, intuitive, and secure, the new dashboard is designed to consolidate documentation, streamline vendor research and management, and provide a secure platform for communications. 

Newfront Navigator in action

Manage plans and documents, see the latest compliance updates, research vendors—and lots more. Check it out. 

Consolidate your platforms

Reduce the number of systems you use by pulling together critical information into one platform, saving you time and resources.

  • Quickly filter and search core plan information and instantly download documents
  • Access at-a-glance cost information for core benefits on login
  • Share and store current and historical files, including census information and plan documentation
  • View contact information needed for your Newfront team and carriers

Streamline your workflows

The dashboard enables more efficient workflows for People teams by streamlining disjointed, multi-step processes.

  • Search and filter point-solution vendors to see preferred vendors for your company size
  • Stay compliant with access to the latest guidelines and rules through our integrated compliance dashboard
  • Quickly manage team members’ access to the platform
  • Easily download carrier carrier contacts and send secure communications

Secure your data

Share and store confidential information with confidence through our secure platform.

  • Upload and share sensitive documents with end-to-end security protocols
  • Rely on SOC 2, Type 2 certification and Vanta partnership for a continuously-monitored, secure experience
  • Ensure privacy with a dedicated census folder offering restricted access controls