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Insurance and COVID-19: Ongoing News Coverage

At Newfront, we are closely monitoring developments at the intersection of insurance and COVID-19. We're actively engaging with our clients to help them bolster their finances during this time of crisis, understand their coverages, and stay informed about whether any coronavirus-related claims might be covered. To keep our clients up to date, we've published a COVID-19 resource hub and are hosting a "Real Talk for Businesses" webinar on Thursday, March 26 to answer many of your questions surrounding coronavirus and insurance.

Here, we're sharing a list of news articles tracking the debate surrounding business interruption coverage due to coronavirus. Bookmark this page and check back; we will update this list as development occur.

About the author

Anna Beach

Chief Insurance Officer

Anna Beach is the Chief Insurance Officer for Newfront Insurance. She has worked in insurance for 28 years and across a wide variety of roles, which has given her a comprehensive view of the industry, its problems, and the potential to make dramatic improvements. Anna is responsible for ensuring quality control and internal risk management, maximizing our carrier and vendor partnerships, and solving complex insurance related matters. Connect with Anna on LinkedIn here.

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