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Newfront M&A Advisory Announces Special Situations Offering

The Newfront M&A Advisory, a specialized practice group within Newfront, announced today a new offering to focus on distressed deals, bankruptcies, and restructurings. Led by Matt Somma, Vice President of M&A Transaction Risk, the offering will draw upon Newfront’s expertise in transactional products, insurance, human capital, and employee benefits to address the unique needs of clients, buyers, and sellers in the 2020 deal market.

“Matt ran point on complicated transactions like these as an M&A attorney during the Great Recession and beyond. He is well versed in the positions of all stakeholders. When we combine his distressed deal experience with his years spent positioning risks as a Reps & Warranties underwriter, he is the perfect person within Newfront to lead this initiative,” said Josh Warren, Newfront M&A Advisory Practice Leader.

The offering will employ a highly flexible approach across Newfront’s practice groups for these complicated transactions.

“Newfront is built upon integrating insurance, employee benefits, human capital, and transactional products solutions for our clients. In our new Special Situations offering, we are simply bringing these resources together in the distressed deal environment to provide clients with a highly nimble, highly customized experience to address the fast-changing realities of deal making in 2020,” said Somma.

“We are the ideal partner for these special situations,” added Warren. “Our offering was designed to utilize our best colleagues that can deliver within compressed deal timelines. We are at our best when things get complicated.”

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