4.20.20 – Weekly Update from Kurt de Grosz

Dear Colleagues and Clients:

Let me start by thanking all of you. Thank you to ABD colleagues. You are all working harder than you ever have, with a sense of purpose, knowing our clients need and value our services. Thank you to ABD clients. You are all enduring unprecedented challenges – courageously, trusting ABD to help you navigate these rough waters of uncertainty.

We appreciate your words of encouragement. Comments like these lift our spirits:

I can’t express our gratitude to you and The ABD Team enough. Deborah has been a gem, a sparkling resource of knowledge in an otherwise dark time. Brian’s content, training, slides are also a HUGE help. ABD’s diligence is so, so, so appreciated as this landscape constantly changes. Something new every day!

So, thank you. This is an opportunity for all of us who play a part in this crazy world of benefits and well-being to make sure our folks are aware of the resources available to them, while also making sure we each look after ourselves, too.

Our ABD Chairman, Brian Hetherington, has been discussing with us how our Work Love Play ethos can guide us through challenging times. This period of crisis requires that we find the Love and Play in the midst of sustaining our Work. We need to find that balance. We can do that in so many ways. I wanted to share an example from our Retirement Services team, who put together this short video, Shelter-In-Place with the 401K Team.

Thank you to our Retirement Services team for flexing our Work Love Play ethos and demonstrating our core value of IN THIS TOGETHER!

We are seeing many examples of our value IN THIS TOGETHER. However, today, I want to address our ABD core value, COMMITTED – WE KEEP OUR PROMISES. While insurance is selling a promise to pay, we all know the depth and breadth of our services extend well beyond providing insurance solutions. We are advisors, Risk and Reward Advisors, and we help our clients manage risks to yield rewards. In being COMMITTED, we make more than an insurance promise.

Drawing from our ABD Operating Principles, Committed means:

  • I go the extra mile to deliver solutions and push the limits of our clients’ best interests

  • I deliver the best service I am able

  • I have a service mentality toward everyone, including my colleagues

  • I embrace the meaning and intention of premium service

  • I make my best effort to be engaged in making ABD the best place to work

As indicated through the last few months of communications, ABD is committed to keeping you up to date on COVID-19’s impact to insurance, benefits and your employees’ experience. Through timely alerts on changes in legislation and insurance coverages, informative webinars, best practices for managing your business and your teams, easy access to resources, and of course 1:1 client support through our service teams, ABD is committed to assisting you, our clients, in this time of need.

I am proud of The ABD Team for keeping our promises and demonstrating that we are COMMITTED during these unprecedented times. Please know we are here to help.

Kurt de Grosz
The Author
Kurt de Grosz

Executive Chairman

Kurt de Grosz is the Executive Chairman of Newfront. Specializing in team building, brand development, innovation, and customer acquisition, Kurt believes Newfront's people, ethos, and core values will build the next great independent insurance brokerage operation.

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