Total Rewards & Employee Benefits

Modern employee benefits made simple

Newfront works with clients to curate competitive benefit packages that attract, retain, and reward top talent.

Our approach

From start-up to multinational, we offer total solutions that keep your organization running smoothly and your employees happy.

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Insurance experts super-powered with data and technology

Newfront melds real-time insights with industry specialists, enabling us to design custom programs that help companies stay competitive and recruit elite talent.

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More efficient workflows

An intuitive, mobile-optimized platform serves as a centralized hub to streamline workflows.

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A superior employee experience

A mobile solution and personalized benefits portal transforms the way employees understand, choose, and engage with their benefits.

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A model that scales

From point-solutions to global compensation strategy, our flexible solutions scale to meet your needs at every stage of your journey.

The Newfront difference

Our experts are empowered with purpose-built technology for today’s dynamic world of benefits, enabling us to build offerings that fit your business and your budget.

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Subject matter expertise

We’ve assembled a team of laser-focused specialists dedicated to getting your total rewards experience right.

  • Our benefits team monitor trends and assess new offerings to enhance your plan

  • Our diverse team of payroll, people operations, and benefit administrators lighten your workload

  • Our technical consultants bring together innovation, data, and management to build powerful yet cost sustainable programs

  • Our compliance officers and ERISA attorneys keep you current with state, federal, and global law

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Take your workforce to the next level

Benefits are complicated, but they don’t have to be. Our unique blend of technology and expertise keep employees educated and engaged for optimal health and wellbeing.

  • Mobile solutions keep employees engaged with wellness at their fingertips

  • Deliver instant answers to benefit questions via Slack with our AI benefits assistant, available 24/7

  • Ensure your employees understand their options and make informed decisions with a personalized benefits portal

Modern tools for People Operations

Newfront Navigator enables people teams to streamline workflows in one intuitive, efficient, and secure platform, saving your team time—and frustration:

  • Streamline your workflows, upload, organize and store files, manage team members’ access, and more

  • Centralized dashboard with plan documents, carrier contacts, preferred vendors and compliance information all in one platform

  • Secure your communications, your files, and your sensitive data on our SOC 2 compliant system

  • Quickly search and filter through point-solution vendors with preferred partners highlighted

AI benefits assistant

Our AI-powered benefits assistant delivers instant answers to employee benefit questions and saves people operations staff weeks of time.

not complexity

COBRA, HIPAA, PPACA, ERISA. LOA and Section 125 Cafeteria Plan regulations are all top-of-mind in the HR world. Our in-house ERISA and compliance team address all this and more in quarterly office hours and weekly blogs as well as Compliance alerts explaining recently passed legislation and how it affects your plans.

Newfront leadership

Louisa Bolick

Senior Consultant, Total Rewards

Darren Brown

President of Total Rewards

Chris Call

Executive Vice President, Retirement Plan Consultant

Jenni Ellis

Head of Service - Total Rewards

Brian Gilmore

Lead Benefits Counsel

Paul Martinez

Senior Consultant, Total Rewards

Emily Peterson

Operations Leader, Total Rewards

Kate Pitts

Senior Consultant, Total Rewards

Renee Polk

Senior Consultant, Total Rewards

Casey Rhodes

Senior Consultant, Total Rewards

Andrea Trudeau

Senior Consultant, Total Rewards

Nicole White

Senior Consultant, Total Rewards

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Heather Yates

Head of HR Services