Newfront Announces Expanded Access and Capabilities for its Navigator Platform

Total Rewards platform is poised to create significant efficiencies for HR functions; initial feedback from existing users is positive

San Francisco – March 25, 2024Newfront, the tech-driven insurance brokerage firm based in San Francisco, announced that its revolutionary platform for managing total rewards, Newfront Navigator (“Navigator”), will be available to all clients by summer, following the initial pilot in 2023 and its expansion to include both domestic and international plans and analytics earlier this year. 

Only 9% of HR functions are achieving functional excellence through efficiency and alignment, according to Gartner. Navigator, a cutting-edge proprietary solution purpose-built for people teams, provides a one-stop destination to access critical documents and information. Navigator optimizes time and provides transparency by enabling users to quickly see the information they need, such as carrier contacts directly on the homepage and one-click access to global compliance and enrollment data. The platform also limits professionals’ unnecessary searches through lengthy email threads and dense PDFs by having everything in one place. 

“Newfront Navigator simplifies employer choices and accelerates programming for companies looking to close gaps,” said Darren Brown, President of Newfront’s Total Rewards practice. “By offering curated vendor recommendations, compliance information, and at-a-glance snapshots of spend, the platform provides our clients and their teams with a centralized location to view, measure, track, and report on their global programs.”

Choosing the right voluntary benefits can be overwhelming for any organization—in fact, 50% of total rewards leaders manage more than four different digital point solutions. Newfront Navigator simplifies the decision-making process by providing a list of vetted partners with pre-negotiated pricing through the Newfrontiers program. The Navigator dashboard also offers one-click access to relevant compliance changes and guidelines. With real-time updates, businesses can stay informed and adapt accordingly, even as a company expands and enters new global markets. 

One existing user shared, “Newfront Navigator is a breath of fresh air. It allows me to use one platform instead of multiple sources of information, saving my team and me an immense amount of time.”

“It’s increasingly typical for clients to operate with geographically dispersed teams and engage in global transactions regularly. We built Navigator with that scalability need in mind,” Brown said. “We provide comprehensive, secure support for what can be quite a costly, and often complex, process.”

About Newfront

Newfront is a modern brokerage transforming the risk management, business insurance, total rewards, and retirement services space through the combination of elite expertise and cutting-edge technology. Specializing in more than 20 industries and headquartered in San Francisco, Newfront has offices nationwide and is home to more than 800 employees serving organizations across the United States and globally. For more information, visit and follow us on LinkedIn.


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