Virtual Event

Total Rewards 3: Rethinking Total Rewards in the Midst of the Great Resignation

Wednesday, September 21, 2022

The current environment has never been more challenging to set talent and rewards strategies, as companies confront economic headwinds and stock market volatility, amidst a tight labor market for high-demand roles and many still leaving jobs as part of the great resignation. And for each of these challenges, People Leaders have been called upon to help organizations retain and attract talent and effectively manage their rewards programs.

However, traditional compensation and rewards strategies may no longer apply. This six-part workshop series was designed to help People Leaders learn the benefits of developing a holistic Total Rewards solution, that will allow them to offer competitive compensation, stock, benefits, rewards and other perks to remain in the game.

We hope you will join us for the series.

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Octavio Cardenas

Managing Director, Alpine Rewards

Nicole White

Senior Vice President

Louisa Bolick

Executive Vice President, Founding Partner - Boston