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Event: Office Hours: Medicare for Employers

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Office Hours: Medicare for Employers

Tuesday, December 06, 6:00 PM6:45 PM

Employers face several tricky issues in coordinating group health plan coverage with Medicare.

The Medicare Secondary Payer rules, COBRA interaction with Medicare, special enrollment periods for Medicare after termination, Part D creditable coverage status, and how Medicare affects HSA eligibility are all examples where employers should be versed in Medicare issues.

This session of Newfront Office Hours covers the Medicare issues related to group health plans that all employers should consider.

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Topics for Discussion

  • How the MSP rules apply to active coverage vs. COBRA/retiree coverage
  • The prohibited incentives to encourage employees to enroll in Medicare
  • When Medicare cuts short and expand the COBRA maximum coverage period
  • How the new COBRA notices help inform employees of Medicare-related concerns
  • Why Medicare-eligible retirees should generally enroll in Medicare upon retirement
  • The employer responsibilities with respect to Part D creditable coverage disclosures
  • How Medicare affects HSA eligibility—including where employees can lose eligibility retroactively

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