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Welcoming Newfront’s Private Equity Group Leader Ted Dobos

After graduating from the University of California, west-coast native Ted Dobos found himself yearning to experience the fast pace of the Big Apple. He accepted a position as an Investment Banking Analyst at Chemical Bank in their Global Bank sector (now JP Morgan), but found himself missing the technology hub of Silicon Valley.

Ted returned to California after four years in New York and founded an early internet company in the mid ‘90s hosting online catalogs for electronic component manufacturers. In the process, he discovered a new passion for helping companies grow and transform, starting or participating in early stages at three other internet software companies in the next several years. He went on to build a successful career in risk management for merger and acquisition transactions at Aon, JLT, Marsh, and now Newfront.

Ted, Newfront’s new Executive Vice President, Private Equity Group Leader, and his team will focus on delivering unmatched value for clients merging with and acquiring other companies. The creation of the Newfront Private Equity Group, based in San Francisco, Chicago, and New York, showcases the company’s proven commitment to creating a technology and data-driven brokerage that is breaking barriers of the traditional brokerage business – a perfect match for Ted.

When asked why he joined Newfront, Ted responded: “I like M&A and I like technology – is there any wonder why going to Newfront is indeed THE match I was waiting for?”

We’re thrilled Ted has joined us to lend his expertise in this area. I’ve known Ted for nearly 15 years, and he has known Newfront Chairman Kurt de Grosz since grade school! I asked him to share some more details about himself and his background below. Welcome to the team, Ted!

About Me

I am an experienced leader in complex M&A risk with more than 25 years of experience in business intelligence, software solutions, finance, and insurance. Most recently, I was the leader of the M&A Solutions and Value Creation team at Marsh, where we delivered insight and monetary value to clients. I was also a Senior Managing Director at Aon and held various leadership positions at JLT Specialty USA and Wells Fargo.

Joining Newfront

Having known many of the leadership team members over the years, and seeing the recent merger with Newfront, I was intrigued. With Spike Lipkin (CEO and Co-founder) and Gordon Wintrob (CTO and Co-founder) on the executive team, I felt secure knowing that not only do we have superb leaders running the show, but we also have nuclear power brain capability on our team to advance the archaic pen and paper world of insurance into the modern age. Newfront has great people and certainly the technology industry has seen that when you get a group of unusual capable people together amazing results happen!

My Charge

As Private Equity Group Leader, I will be dedicated to the most complex (and fast-moving) M&A transactions for our clients. I will also oversee the Private Equity Group team, which is made up of team members with specialized talent who are highly focused on the clients and meeting their needs. Our philosophy is to meet client needs – if we do this, there is nothing else to really worry about.I also prioritize giving clients a competitive advantage. For example, if my client wishes to buy a target company, then I will make sure the client has all the risk data early on so the best deal can be negotiated. I like to say that our team “weaponizes insurance” – that is, via insurance, I will ensure my clients are making money instead of insurance being just another expense for them.

Brian Hetherington
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Brian Hetherington


Brian Hetherington is Chairman of Newfront, a specialized insurance brokerage headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area and Seattle. Newfront is home to more than 750 employees who serve clients across the United States and globally. We are focused on M&A Advisory, Employee Benefits, Property & Casualty insurance, and 401k programs.

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