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Leveraging Podcasts for Career Growth

An easy way for leaders to learn and to keep up with workplace trends in 2019 is through podcasts.  Most podcasts are free of charge, though donations are welcome.  They usually run an hour or less, making them easily digestible during a commute or a walk.  Below are a few podcasts we find interesting:

Ashley Milne-Tyte hosts The Broad Experience, focusing on the experiences of women in the workplace.  She covers a range of topics and offers sage guidance about managing your career and the impact decisions you make at work can have on your life and whole being.  Always encouraging women to strive for professional achievements, Milne-Tyne and her guests shine a light on some of the factors, internal and external, that can be limiting and offer strategies to address and overcome them.  Topics this year have included resilience, transparency, loyalty and negotiation.  These podcasts provide encouragement and mentoring from a host of seasoned professionals.

In author and speaker Mike Robbins’ podcast: Bring Your Whole Self to Work, Mike interviews interesting and influential business leaders who share insight about approaching work from a different perspective. One of his themes is embracing authenticity, and his podcast encourages the listener to gain specific insights and techniques for being sincere at work, finding courage and fulfillment in your career and ways to influence your teams along the same path.

Recently Robbins hosted a conversation with Patrick Lencioni, the author of bestselling book, _The Five__Dysfunctions of a Team. _The two discuss the importance of team culture and how to cultivate a healthy team atmosphere in an organization.  Robbins engages quality guests and his style is that of a livelong learner who is always interested in improving his own work as well as supporting others in their professions.

Startup is a documentary podcast that offers insights into the entrepreneurial side of business.  Take a peek into the real world of startups addressing questions such as: should I seek venture capital; avoiding co-founder disagreements; or should we sign a lease?   It’s not all about apps or sushi delivery via drone; one recent set of episodes looked into what it’s like to start a new church in America.  For someone who loves documentaries, this is a fascinating look into one aspect of what’s going on in American business today.

Podcasts will keep you current and interesting while making a commute or household chores fly by. These short presentations can bring stimulating topics and career growth through workplace stories, strategies and motivational influencers – delivered right to your phone without having to go to a seminar or crack a book.

Amy Kelemen, SPHR – Sr. HR Consultant, Director of Professional Services

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