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Introducing Newfront’s National Real Estate Practice Leader Jonathan Naranjo

In late 2021, we welcomed tenured producer Jonathan Naranjo to Newfront as Senior Vice President and National Real Estate Practice Leader. Jonathan is a well-known industry expert, having focused on managing a sizeable real estate portfolio at HUB International for several years.

We’re thrilled to have Jonathan join us to lead our real estate practice, an important part of growing Newfront as we transform the delivery of risk management by building the modern insurance platform. In just a few short months, the Real Estate community has embraced the ease of use and efficiencies of exchanging complex insurance data by utilizing Newfront's technology. Our Real Estate clients are saving time by partnering with Newfront so they can focus on their core business strategies while having the confidence of knowing that their risk is being managed by top real estate insurance advisors.

I’ve asked Jonathan to tell us a little bit more about himself in his own words, including his vision for the practice.

- Rod

Newfront’s National Real Estate Practice Leader Jonathan Naranjo

About Me

I have been in a sales advisory role for 15 years, eight of which have been in the insurance business. Before joining Newfront, I led the Regional Real Estate practice at HUB with a commitment to driving excellent service and risk management expertise for High-Rise Luxury Condos, REITs, and Commercial Real Estate portfolios.

Joining Newfront

There are many reasons why I joined Newfront. What first drew me to the organization was the people-first culture that is continually evolving and made a top priority. The excitement and enthusiasm of its people revibrates throughout the company and it’s exciting to be a part of.

To that, significantly improving the way our teams work, while also providing a better output and experience for clients, is exciting. Newfront’s technology and modernization is changing the way “traditional” brokerage firms operate while significantly enhancing the client experience.

Newfront has a long-term mindset of making strategic and critical investments for the betterment of the company, its people, and clients. We are the future!

My Charge

My focus is leading the charge in building out the National Real Estate practice, creating a strong and credible infrastructure that serves our employees, clients, and colleagues (e.g., resources and education), and to become the industry-leader in managing the myriad of Real Estate risks and opportunities that present themselves.

Work, Love, Play

Work: Wells Fargo Bank, Dominican University (guest lecturer-ongoing), Newfront.

Love: My beautiful wife, three amazing children, mentoring the up-and-coming leaders of our industry, serving others, anything personal development (especially Jim Rohn), and reading.

Play: Hiking, running, riding bikes with my children, building Legos for meditation, trips to Yountville with my wife (did I say wine?), and watching Marvel movies with my family on Disney+.

Rod Sockolov
The Author
Rod Sockolov

Executive Vice President, Property & Casualty Practice Leader

Rod is a Founding Principal of and leads the Property & Casualty practice at Newfront. He brings 30+ years of commercial insurance industry experience, where he spent the first 10 years on the carrier side specializing in the design and management of large alternative risk workers’ compensation financial plans.

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