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Five Ways to Celebrate Employee Appreciation Day

93% of employees who feel valued also feel motivated to do their best at work. As we approach the one-year anniversary of working from home, it’s more important than ever to show employees that hard work does not go unseen.

To help make employees feel recognized and appreciated, we’ve gathered some ideas for celebrating Employee Appreciation Day, celebrated the first Friday of each March, this year falling on Friday, March 5.

  1. These days, employees’ schedules seem to be crammed with back-to-back meetings, leaving them with almost no personal time for well-deserved breaks throughout the workday. Giving your employees some time back in their day will allow them to get in a daytime run or even spend extra time with their families.

  2. You’d be surprised how many employees miss the fully-stocked snack bars and free lunches at the office. A simple food delivery gift card could make their day just a little brighter.

  3. Invite an industry-relevant, inspirational, or entertaining guest speaker or performer to share their knowledge or wit! Hearing different perspectives can add tremendous value to your team members and give them a break from their usual routine.

  4. Have an indoor plant delivered for those who may be willing to test their green thumb! Or consider implementing an office equipment allowance to ensure your employees are well-equipped with the furniture they need to be productive, ergonomic, and successful!

  5. A small gesture of writing a simple “thank you” can go a long way.


At ABD, one of our Core Values is “In This Together.” In the past year, this value has been put to the test as new challenges and obstacles have surfaced. Truthfully, we wouldn’t have overcome those obstacles without the unwavering support and hard work of all our employees. And over the last year, the ABD Leadership Team has ensured our team knows each member of The ABD Team is appreciated.

Through surprise mail of ABD masks and wellness boxes; kick-starting our weekend early before holiday weekends; shutting down over the holidays to ensure everyone took an entire week off to start 2021 recharged; and a recent (and incredibly fun!) personal House of Blues concert in honor of Black History Month hosted by our Black at ABD ERG – encouraging each ABD team member to sign off and dance to beautiful music and enjoy poetry – at ABD we’re committed to our team, our values, and live by the idea that happy employees make happy clients!

While these ideas are suggestions specifically for celebrating Employee Appreciation Day, we recognize encourage you to try to implement these throughout the year to sustain a healthy work culture and show employees how much they’re valued year-round!

Hannah Chi
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Hannah Chi

Marketing Coordinator

As Newfront's Integrated Marketing Coordinator for Employee Benefits, Hannah supports the marketing team through developing and distributing best in class marketing and communication resources for Newfront and our clients.

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