Event Recap: How CFOs and CPOs Can Collaborate on Compensation Budgets

This webinar was originally hosted and published by Pave in July 2023.

A powerful but often overlooked aspect of a successful business is the ability to collaborate in unexpected ways across departments. Newfront has separated itself because of how adept it’s become at just that—providing construction clients access to experts in OSHA law or life sciences clients access to leaders in the cybersecurity field.

The same ethic of cross-disciplinary collaboration exists within the Newfront partner network, which is why Pave—the leading end-to-end compensation management platform powered by real-time data—recently asked Newfront’s Head of People Paige Maisonet and Newfront CFO Alex Ip to explain how CFOs and CPOs can work together to maximize a company’s performance and culture.

The presentation, hosted by Pave’s Head of Finance Sam Ford, was titled “How CFOs and CPOs Collaborate: Setting and Managing Your Compensation Budget.” Over the hour, Paige and Alex conducted a deep dive into the why, how, and when of compensation for employees. Topics included:

  • How should you think about constructing your compensation budget?

  • What performance achievements should lead to raises and promotions?

  • How to design merit cycles?

  • Can your financial model account for retention, company goals, hiring, and more?

  • What steps can you take to maximize collaboration between HR and Finance to build and execute the best plan?

  • And much more

As Paige and Alex demonstrate throughout the event, an engaged Head of People can work closely with a CFO to design a strategic budget while energizing a workforce.

Watch the full talk here.

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