COVID-19 Report: Happier Employees Means Improved Productivity

In our latest blog series, we take a closer look and examine 6 main issues that employers are still combating, even after a year of a global pandemic. We surveyed over 125 employers of all sizes about how they hope to meet with challenges posed by the pandemic. In the second blog of our six-part series we will be discussing mental wellbeing. Check out the full series .

The pandemic has not only taken a toll on physical health but has also caused serious mental health concerns for workers. As we emerge from this pandemic, it’s important to remember that there’s a direct correlation between employee well-being and productivity. Happy employees make for a motivated workforce and subsequently create a highly productive work environment.

Though investing in employees’ wellbeing has proven to have positive impact on company productivity, our survey findings showed that many companies have not made mental healthcare a high priority. In our recent survey, we discovered that almost 70% of employers have not changed their pre-pandemic approach to mental health in the workplace and most have no intentions of increasing their budgets for mental health care or services in 2021. Only a small number of survey respondents have adopted third-party platforms for their workforce to seek mental health support.

Additionally, about 25% of respondents said they rely on their broker for advice on how to effectively provide mental health care to their employees, giving them the opportunity to learn about new or expanded options that can be added to a benefits program cost-effectively and deliver ROI in productivity now and post-pandemic.

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