COVID-19 Report: Cost Containment Amidst the Pandemic

In our latest blog series, we take a closer look and examine 6 main issues that employers are still combating, even after a year of a global pandemic. In the fourth blog of our six-part series we will be discussing healthcare cost containment. Check out the full series ****.

As employee needs continue to rise because of the pandemic, budget pressures have also increased significantly for HR departments. Cost containment is becoming a high priority for HR professionals. Because of remote work, there has been major cost reduction in areas like downsizing office space or cancelling leases.

According to our recent COVID-19 report, 75% of employers do not anticipate any cost reduction in healthcare costs. Those who are reining in healthcare costs are turning towards virtual care services and telemedicine as a lower-cost alternative. Not only is it more budget-friendly for companies, but employees can also get access to virtual care within minutes and in the comfort of their own home. Instead of spending a few hours at the doctor’s office, employees can spend less than half an hour at a telehealth appointment and have their needs met. What is your company doing to reduce costs and simplify healthcare for your employees?

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Hannah Chi

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