Which Insurance Policy is best for me as a New Private Pilot?

Which Insurance Policy is best for me as a New Private Pilot?

When starting your aviation career you have a lot to look forward to. Whether it’s to attain a job in the aviation industry or to enjoy the benefits of freedom to travel in the sky, it is important to consider the insurance you might need to protect your assets and liability if anything were to happen.

Non Owned Aircraft Insurance

If you’re renting an aircraft for your flight training or borrowing from a friend it is prudent to buy your own Non Owned Aircraft Insurance instead of relying on their insurance, which may not protect you. 

Primary Hull & Liability Aircraft Insurance

There is a lot to consider when purchasing a Hull and Liability Aircraft Policy. Be sure to let your broker know where you plan on flying, especially Mexico or Europe, and what pilots might fly the aircraft. The policy may include an Open Pilot Warranty, but it’s always a good idea to get each pilot Named to the policy. Liability limits range considerably, and one size doesn’t fit all. Watch out for sub-limits per passenger that will limit your coverage considerably.

Life Insurance

One misconception is that aircraft liability coverage will serve as life insurance. It won’t. Liability is a term used to cover damages to a 3rd party. A separate Life Insurance policy should be purchased to provide for your family and/or estate. Term and Whole life policies are available. Ask us if you would like a quote for this coverage.

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Scott Gault

Senior Vice President, Aviation & Aerospace Leader at Newfront

Scott Gault is the Aviation & Aerospace Leader at Newfront. As a generational aviator (Grandfather was a B25 pilot and Father a Huey pilot) Scott has achieved an instrument rating and flies a Bonanza E33. His passion for flying has him visiting clients and delivering renewals by air. Scott has competed in the Beijing and London Olympics in rowing, capping off his career with a bronze medal in London.

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