Another Virtual Open Enrollment – Keep it Simple, but Significant

It’s that time of year when employers are making decisions to their employee benefit renewals. Due to the recent developments with COVID-19, there will most likely be another virtual open enrollment meeting for the team. To make the most of open enrollment, keep things simple and focus on what matters. Consider approaching open enrollment (OE) in two ways:

  1. Passive Enrollment. If the renewal has no changes or limited changes, consider a Passive enrollment and eliminate the virtual meeting. Plan changes can be detailed through the intranet with clear instructions on steps to take during OE. Another option could be to post a recorded presentation with a link to schedule virtual office hours with the Newfront client service team for those employees with individual questions. Configure the BenAdmin system for current elections to roll over, except for Flexible Spending Arrangements (FSA) that require re-enrollment each year.

  2. Active Enrollment. If there are significant changes at renewal, detailed communication to your team is essential. Offer the team options. Examples include: a live webinar with chat enabled for questions, a recorded presentation to share with their dependents, or detailed written communications with plan changes, deadlines, and action items. Be sure to include any changes to 401k, time off, or other topics related to HR. Configure the BenAdmin system to require enrollment and incentivize employees to complete enrollment by the deadline.

OE communication should be strategic and practical. Always include wellbeing resources especially Employee Assistance Program (EAP) contact information. Connect with your Newfront benefits consultant about other virtual communication options to fit your employee needs.

Carrie Sambel
The Author
Carrie Sambel

As Senior Vice President, Emerging Market Leader, Carrie and her team offers smart, cost-effective solutions for startups and emerging businesses, to match culture and budgets in order to retain healthy, happy employees.

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