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ABD Accelerate: Certified Marine Insurance Professional Program

Since the beginning of my career in marine insurance, I’ve learned that staying on top of changing regulations, insurance jargon, and underwriting considerations is absolutely necessary for providing high-quality service in a field as specialized as the maritime industry. Fortunately, ABD recognizes the value in investing in the education and careers of their employees, so they sponsored me and a few other coworkers on our Marine Team to attend a conference to stay in tune with the industry we serve.

In early April, we headed (via plane, not boat) to Tampa, FL to attend a seminar called “Insuring Vessel Owners and Operators” as part of the Certified Marine Insurance Professional Program. This program, hosted by LIG Marine, is a series of four seminars that focuses specifically on the maritime industry. Upon attending each of the four seminars, insurance professionals can earn a Certified Marine Insurance Professional (CMIP) designation on their license. The program featured engaging speakers from AXA/XL, Safe Harbor Pollution Insurance, Tokio Marine, and LIG Marine Managers. Speakers presented on topics such as Commercial Hull Insurance, Protection and Indemnity Insurance, Pollution Insurance, Collision and Towers Liability Form, and Ocean Cargo Insurance.

The seminar was structured in the form of conversational lectures, where attendees were encouraged to ask questions and engage with the presenter. The opportunity to learn from people working in industry allowed us to really dig into the issues we face daily and build on our existing knowledge. At the end of each seminar, we are required to take an exam to pass the class.  After the completion of two additional seminars, we’ll earn the CMIP designation.

My coworkers and I already see how applicable the information discussed at the CMIP Program is to our day to day at work. There aren’t a lot of programs available that focus on the maritime industry, so being able to participate in this seminar series is a great opportunity. I am grateful to work for a company that values their employees and is willing to invest time and money into my professional development.

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