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2019 Occupational Health and Safety Bulletin

Our Occupational Health and Safety team rounded up the year’s top stories in workers’ compensation, OSHA updates, and health and wellness.

Check out the downloadable 2019 Year-End Review in which we discuss the following topics:

  • Workers’ Compensation Trends and Updates – We dig into reports from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the CA Dept. of Industrial Relations to bring you the key takeaways.
  • Workers’ Compensation Best Practices and Emerging Trends – Our top tips and best practices for reducing workers’ compensation costs.
  • OSHA Updates – How to make sense of updates to OSHA’s standards and best prepare for a visit by an OSHA inspector.
  • Health and Wellness – Tips for energizing your employees and keeping them healthy in 2020.

The ABD Team

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The ABD Team

ABD Insurance and Financial Services provides risk management, insurance brokerage, human resources, and retirement consulting services. Our advisors offer guidance and craft innovative solutions to help address risk for clients of varying sizes, growth stages, and industries.

The information provided is of a general nature and an educational resource. It is not intended to provide advice or address the situation of any particular individual or entity. Any recipient shall be responsible for the use to which it puts this document. Newfront shall have no liability for the information provided. While care has been taken to produce this document, Newfront does not warrant, represent or guarantee the completeness, accuracy, adequacy, or fitness with respect to the information contained in this document. The information provided does not reflect new circumstances, or additional regulatory and legal changes. The issues addressed may have legal, financial, and health implications, and we recommend you speak to your legal, financial, and health advisors before acting on any of the information provided.

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