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I have extensive experience helping my clients get the best possible value out of their commercial insurance program by renegotiating contracts, streamlining coverage, and advocating for them at every opportunity. You can connect with me on LinkedIn here or contact me directly at (281) 222-4585 or

Five Tips to Ensure Your Coverage Works for Your Business

Five Tips to Ensure Your Coverage Works for Your Business

In this blog, I’ve listed five neatly categorized insurance tips. As you read through them, think about your existing coverage, and consider how it could be better. The point is: Make your insurance work for you.

December 10th 2019

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Window-cleaning crew scaling the side of a building

How to Win a Workers' Compensation Audit

A workers’ compensation audit can be inconvenient, costly, and generally unpleasant. Since most states mandate this type of audit, avoiding it altogether is not an option. However, the right combination of planning and consultation can help you avoid a large and unexpected bill and move you further down the road to long-term profitability.

December 6th 2019

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