Serving the healthcare community

Advanced Professionals delivers end-to-end benefit solutions for healthcare stakeholders, including associations looking to expand membership, small businesses searching for the right benefits plan, producers hoping to deliver a cost-effective solution for their clients, and insurers trying to broaden their customer base and build a better producer network.

Comprehensive solutions

Solutions for the entire healthcare ecosystem

Advanced Professionals Insurance & Benefit Solutions takes an end-to-end approach to wholesale healthcare benefits. At one end, we design healthcare trusts and association health plans, and provide general agency services to insurers. At the other, we enable producers to bring innovative benefit solutions to the industries they serve.


Members only benefit

We help trade associations, chambers of commerce, and other organizations expand their membership and drive new revenue with innovative benefit offerings for their members at competitive rates. We focus on two key solutions:

  • Association health plans (AHP) allow trusts to reap the benefits of a single employer: access to large-group benefits, group pricing, and lower administrative overhead through bundled benefits

  • Affiliate associations allow you to align with similar trusts in order to share member benefits, including proprietary healthcare plans


A partnership for growth

We provide our producer partners with a single-source solution for innovative small-group employee benefits plans they can’t find anywhere else, allowing them to gain access to new client segments, benefits solutions, and an administrative platform that enables them to submit RFPs.

  • Access to new customer segments and new revenue streams

  • Streamlined workflows with AP Connect: submit RFPs, launch new business, and renew plans

  • Support from AP program managers who share proprietary market intelligence, negotiate rates for clients, and facilitate enrollment submission


Expanding enrollment

For insurers, we provide access to an entirely new customer segment, supporting efforts to grow enrollment, tap into new revenue streams, and share market intelligence that helps them mitigate underwriting risk.

  • Our AP Connect platform tracks market data, monitors evolving risk, and shares intelligence with carriers on a seamless, real-time, paperless digital platform

  • All producer partners undergo a detailed learning management process to better understand and market our products

  • Our AP service team is intimately familiar with the regulatory landscape of healthcare and how it affects all stakeholders, from carriers to plan sponsors to individuals


Simplifying the benefits maze

Advanced Professionals cut through the chaos of the benefits marketplace for small business partners who need guidance and administrative support in choosing the right benefits plan for their employees.

  • Through AHPs and affiliate associations, AP gives small businesses access to large-group benefits and better negotiated pricing

  • AP provides a rich selection of 20+ benefits plans only available through AP

  • AP Connect provides a single-stop platform for the selection, implementation, and management of benefits plans

Key plans to support your business

  • Association Health Plans (AHP)

  • Community Rated Plus Non-Medical Plans

  • Non-Medical Standalone Programs