Virtual Event

Office Hours: HIPAA Training for Employers 2023

Tuesday, October 17, 2023

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The HIPAA rules provide that HIPAA training is required for certain employees who have access to PHI of the group health plan. This includes employees who have a plan-related need to access PHI for a self-insured health plan’s administrative functions. PHI does not include enrollment information for these purposes. Therefore, employees within that HIPAA firewall who need training generally includes only benefits and HR professionals (but generally not finance, accounting, payroll, C-suite, or other corporate leadership positions).

This one-hour session of Newfront Office Hours will satisfy your HIPAA training requirement. Even if you technically do not need HIPAA training (e.g., your health benefits are all fully insured), consider joining anyway to better understand how HIPAA applies to employers.


Brian Gilmore

Lead Benefits Counsel, VP, Newfront