The New Normal: How to Prepare for Full Reopening of the Economy

On June 15, California plans to fully reopen the economy by removing nearly all pandemic-related restrictions on residents. With vaccine rates steadily increasing and COVID-19 infection rates continuing to decline, businesses can resume “usual operations” and individuals and families can resume gathering as normal. California will also lift its mask mandate and adhere to CDC recommendations for mask-wearing, which allows vaccinated individuals to go without masks in public, including most indoor settings.

The Cal/OSHA board is meeting on June 3 to consider revised rules and decide whether or not to loosen pandemic-era restrictions on businesses and workplaces, such as physical barriers, distancing, and mask mandates. Depending on the board’s decision, all California businesses may be able to welcome employees back into the workplace on June 15. As the most populous state in the country and the first to set a shelter-in-place order at the start of the pandemic, this reopening will mark a turning point in the country’s pandemic response and set a standard for managing COVID-19 illnesses in a post-pandemic world.

At Newfront, we’ve spoken a lot about return to workplace plans, and urge our clients and peers in all states to create and execute a thorough and thoughtful reentry plan. Successful reentry plans will connect to company culture, values, and operations, while transparent, flexible, and focused on employee concerns and safety. Below is a list of resources we’ve compiled to help support a successful office reopening.


American Industrial Hygiene Association

** **

Center for Workplace Mental Health

** **

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

** **

Community Resources for Employee Wellness

** **

Department of Labor


Littler Mendelson


National Alliance on Mental Illness


Occupational Safety and Health Administration


The White House


World Health Organization


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