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Navigating the California Wildfires: Safety and Recovery

Our thoughts are with our California clients, friends, and neighbors. With the fires continuing to spread, we want to make sure everyone is safe, connected, and aware Newfront is here help.

Newfront’s priority is to make sure everyone is safe; second is to help as you navigate this disaster through claims, recovery, and rebuilding. We have pulled together the below information to help you navigate during this difficult time.

Support and Readiness

Primary and initial steps to take in an emergency: be safe.  Listen to local law enforcement and safety authorities. Follow their guidance and encourage colleagues and clients to do the same.




If a Claim Needs to be Filed

  • For Newfront commercial clients reporting property (including business interruption), automobile, general liability, or any other commercial P&C claim call 877-885-3656. Calls will be routed to our claims team members who will follow up with you with notice guidance as soon as possible.

  • For private clients and personal lines (homes) call 866-266-5223 and ask to speak to a member of your service team.

  • If you need to report workplace injuries, you will need to do so through your workers compensation carriers, easy access to the numbers provided below.





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