Introduction to Association Health Plans: The Small Business Health Care Solution

There’s strength in numbers when it comes to small businesses and health insurance, and that’s where Association Health Plans come into play.

Association Health Plans (AHPs) are a valuable resource for small businesses that allow multiple employers to pool their employees as a large group, taking advantage of the additional value and reduced administrative expenses.

Advanced Professionals Insurance & Benefit Solutions, a unique division of Newfront that provides wholesale benefit consulting, works with a diverse array of organizations to oversee nearly 40 AHPs that provide health insurance and other benefits for thousands of employees at small and mid-sized businesses.

“An Association Health Plan is a turn-key solution for small employers that want to focus on their business and not spend all day managing health insurance for their employees,” said Nathan Edmondson, Vice President and Sales Manager at Advanced Professionals, in the below presentation “Association Health Plans: The Small Business Health Care Solutions.”

AHPs give small businesses access to large-group benefits and pricing, while “bundling” their employee benefits to decrease the administrative workload for employers.

“It’s saving money for the employer, it’s providing them better benefits, and it’s providing them an administrative platform where they don’t have to focus on reconciling bills from multiple carriers,” Nathan said.

Association Health Plans also are a valuable recruitment tool for the organizations that sponsor them, such as local chambers of commerce or industry trade groups. Access to an AHP is only available to association members.

Hear more from Nathan on how Association Health Plans could be a solution for your small business or association in the following webinar, presented at the Washington Association of Health Underwriters Symposium on March 23-24, 2021.

To learn more about Association Health Plans, contact Nathan at nathan.Edmondson@advprofessionals.com or 206-602-3558.

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