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How to Protect Yourself and Your Business During California Wildfire Season

As we look out on the smoke enveloping San Francisco from the Newfront office for the second week in a row, we can’t help but think of our Bay Area clients, friends, and neighbors affected by the Camp Fire and our neighbors to the south who have also been affected by devastating wildfires. As the fires continue to burn and wildfire season draws on, we want to make sure everyone is safe, connected and aware that Newfront is here to help.

Newfront’s first priority is to make sure everyone is safe from harm but if tragedy does strike, we will be there to assist you in navigating claims, recovery, and rebuilding. Below are tips and information to help you make sense of this difficult and unpredictable time.


  1. The first, and most important, step to take in an emergency is to think safe. Listen to local law enforcement and safety authorities and heed evacuation or relocation warnings if necessary. Follow their guidance and encourage colleagues and clients to do the same.

  2. Check state and local resources provided by the Red Cross here. This resource can provide access to information regarding shelter, necessities, and breaking news.

  3. Stay up-to-date on fire information including road closures, school closures, evacuations, and other notices that will affect the lives of your employees and colleagues. Cal Fire’s incident updates, Butte County’s website, as well as local news stations, are good resources. ABC10 has updated maps of the fire and road closures near the Woolsey and Camp

  4. Medical facilities and pharmacies around the area are mobilizing to help victims of the Camp Fire, as local hospitals, have burned or are in imminent danger. Hospitals in Chico and Sacramento have been receiving patients from the Camp Fire. Please know that all patients can access any open hospital and should not be concerned about coverage at this time.

  5. Air quality in the Bay Area is currently at “very unhealthy” levels. The San Francisco Department of Emergency Services has urged people to reduce time spent outdoors and close all windows and doors. Note that individuals with lung and heart disease, as well as other respiratory problems, are advised to remain indoors and limit physical exertion.

  6. For Newfront commercial clients reporting property, automobile, and general liability claims, call 877-885-3656. Calls will be routed to our team members who will follow up with you as soon as possible.

  7. For private clients and personal line (homes), call the team’s emergency hotline: 866-988-2298.

  8. If you need to report workplace injuries, you will need to do so through your workers’ compensation carriers. Access to contact information below.

Newfront was founded on the principle of delivering on behalf of our clients, colleagues, and communities. Our team of more than 280 employees are here to support the larger Bay Area community during this tragic time. Please contact if we can be of help: 1-866-266-5223.

  1. AIG – 877-399-6442

  2. Applied Underwriters – 877-234-4420

  3. Berkley Tech – 866-499-5239

  4. Berkshire – 800-661-6029

  5. Chubb – 800-699-9916

  6. CNA – 877-262-2727

  7. Everest – 855-252-4695

  8. Hartford – 800-327-3636

  9. Midwest – 502-429-9990 AOS or CA 800-936-0384

  10. OneBeacon – 800-203-9600

  11. Pacific Comp Insurance Co – 888-709-3651

  12. Republic Indemnity – 888-336-7569

  13. Safety National – 888-995-5300

  14. Starr Indemnity – 866-782-7725

  15. State Fund – 888-782-8338

  16. Travelers – 800-238-6225

  17. Zurich – 800-987-3373

If you were not directly affected by the California wildfires but would like to serve and support those who were impacted, we’ve compiled a list of organizations that are on the front lines and taking monetary donations.

  1. American Red Cross Disaster Relief

  2. California Community Foundation Wildfire Relief Fund

  3. California Fire Foundation

  4. Direct Relief

  5. Ventura County Community Foundation

  6. North Valley Community Foundation

  7. United Way of Greater Los Angeles

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